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Today we are going to talk about an actress who has won millions of hearts based on her talent. She is not only good in appearance but there is magic in her voice, whoever hears their voice once becomes their fan.

Yes, as you may have also come to know from the title. Today we are going to tell about the life introduction of a famous actress and singer Nupur Senan in this article.

Nupur Senan is the younger sister of Kriti Senan, a Bollywood actress. But as Nupur Senon herself says, she does not like anyone recognizing her as Kriti Senan’s younger sister. She wants to build her identity on her talent.

Hence, before preparing for acting, he also made a lot of preparations for it. She went to the accustomed Shakti Acting Institute in Puducherry so that she could improve her acting. Apart from this, he also participated in many acting workshops.

Nupur Sanon Biography

Nupur Sanon

Name Nupur Sanon
Born Place New Delhi
Occupation Singer, Model, Actress
Nationality Indian
Region Hindu
Mother’s Name Geeta Sanon
Father’s Name Rahul Sanon
Hobby Singing

Nupur Sanon Family

Nupur Sanon Family

If we talk about the introduction of the family, then Nupur Senan has a total of four members in the family. This also includes his elder sister Kriti Sanon, who is already a famous and well-known Bollywood actress.

Her father’s name is Rahul Senan, a chartered accountant by profession. While his mother Geeta Sanon is an Associate Professor at the University of Delhi.

Nupur Senan’s Childhood


Nupur Sanon was born on 15 December 1993 in Delhi. She has spent his entire childhood in Delhi. Nupur Senan graduated from Delhi University in Delhi after completing his schooling.

In terms of education, she has taken a course in music. Nupur has been fond of singing ever since she was young. Her passion for singing made her a career in Bollywood.

Nupur Sanon Career

Nupur Sanon Career

As we said, Nupur Senan is the younger sister of famous Bollywood actress Kriti Senan. But Nupur has never tried to benefit from her elder sister’s identity, nor does she want people to see her only as Kriti’s younger sister, who she is today is a change of hard work.

She has also done a lot of preparation before stepping into acting. Nupur has also joined several workshops to improve her acting skills. Well before coming to the acting world, Nupur had got recognition in the world of singing.

She uploaded his first song in 2015 on “Bekarakar Karke” Youtube. Which was well-liked by the people and she started getting success from his first song.

Apart from this, Nupur also went to many other superhit songs in which “Teri Galiyan” has been a super-hit song. Along with this, Nupur also gave a voice in the birth-born song in Shah Rukh Khan’s film Dilwale.

Being a singer, Nupur also lent her voice to many other popular songs. Which also includes “Channa Mere Aa“, “Galiyan” and “Hawaas“.

Recently, Nupur has appeared in a music video with superstar Akshay Kumar. Whose name is “FILHALL“. The song was released on 9 November 2019, which was also a huge hit and now the song has got more than 884 million views. The song has quickly completed 956 million views, making it the first Hindi song to do so.

Nupur Sanon Boyfriend

Nupur Sanon never openly told about his relationship with social media or anywhere else. But according to some news and rumors she is dating Zaan Khan. However, neither Nupur nor Zaan Khan has publicly said anything about their relationship. According to him, they only consider each other as good friends.

Nupur Senan’s Social Media Account

Nupur Sanon Instagram

Nupur is quite active on social media. She keeps uploading her photos there. You can follow them from Facebook to Instagram. His fan following is also very good.

Nupur Senan’s Images

nupur sanon sexy nupursanon Nupur Sanon Hot

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