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Women Empowerment Quotes

1. Feminism is for everybody.

2. I’m tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.

3. A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.

4. I am always busy, which is perhaps the chief reason why I am always well.

5. If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.

6. Words have power. TV has power. My pen has power.

7. I raise up my voice—not so that I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard. … We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.

8. A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.

9. There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.

10. Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others.

11. I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.

12. We each have one life, and we are entitled to living it on our own terms.

13. Women must learn to play the game as men do.

14. Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.

15. Women are always saying, ‘We can do anything that men can do.’ But men should be saying, ‘We can do anything that women can do.

16. I stand for honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated, and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values.

17. A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

18. Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.

19. The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

20. Women’s empowerment is intertwined with respect for human rights.

21. Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We’re strongest when we cheer each other on.

22. In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.

23. I learned a long time ago that there is something worse than missing the goal, and that’s not pulling the trigger.

24. I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.

25. Educate a man and you educate an individual. Educate a woman and you educate a family.

26. Women’s freedom is the sign of social freedom.

27. Women’s work is never easy, never clean.

28. Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.

29. The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.

30. When a man gives his opinion, he’s a man; when a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.

Empowering Quotes About The Strongest Women

31. If women understood and exercised their power they could remake the world.

32. How wrong is it for a woman to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than to create it herself?

33. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

34. Women have discovered that they cannot rely on men’s chivalry to give them justice.

35. A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.
36. Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less.

37. I think that passion is the secret ingredient that drives hard work and excellence.

38. I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.

39. Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. … It shouldn’t be that women are the exception.

41. I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.

42. Don’t just stand for the success of other women – insist on it.

43. It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent.

44. A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.

45. Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

46. Women will only have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation.

47. Nothing liberates our greatness like the desire to help, the desire to serve.

48. When women participate in the economy, everyone benefits.

49. Women are the real architects of society.

50. Freedom is to live with dignity.

51. We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.

52. If women are expected to do the same work as men, we must teach them the same things.

53. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

54. I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took any excuse.

55. There’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer.

56. The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.

57. Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

58. I hope the fathers and mothers of little girls will look at them and say ‘yes, women can.

59. There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.

60. Women are not the problem. They’re the solution.

61. I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself.

62. My coach said I run like a girl. And I said if he ran a little faster, he could too.

63. Feminism isn’t about making women stronger. Women are already strong, it’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

64. Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim.

65. No one changes the world who isn’t obsessed.

66. I’m always perpetually out of my comfort zone.

67. We need to live in a culture that values and respects and looks up to and idolizes women as much as men.

68. Hard work keeps the wrinkles out of the mind and spirit.

69. The people that truly love us in life don’t fight for us to remain a doormat for others.

70. I believe the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century.

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