A Comprehensive Guide on “What does actively recruiting on LinkedIn means”


No more do you need a post to apply for jobs or recruit candidates. Earlier, it was an arduous task to search for relevant jobs and recruit candidates. The recruitment process has witnessed quite an evolution. Recently, we have gotten hold of an amazingly productive site to ease recruitment for employers and employees through LinkedIn. It is a social website popular amongst the business community. It is a boom for eligible candidates and employers, but do you know what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn means?

Our post will dive deeper into getting your query cleared like a breeze!

Active Recruiting Vs. Passive Recruiting

Let us check into the real differences between active recruiting and passive recruiting!

  • Active recruitment

The term indicates employers are hunting for candidates’ relevancies, almost like searching for candidates across the LinkedIn platform. Contacting potential job-seekers proactively using LinkedIn is the general practice performed through active recruitment.

Furthermore, other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are eventually becoming thorough recruitment channels too. The ideal benefit of active recruiting enables screening the candidate through the profiles prior to connecting with them.

  • Passive Recruitment

Passive recruitment appears that you are keen on the candidate not interested in shifting from the recent job. However, you need them since they are the company’s top salesperson or the competitor, and their career and academic achievements are the best.

You should have better strategies for recruiting candidates. A couple of offers are offered to them, sparking their interest in the role you offer. Although passive recruitment requires a couple of strategies, or maybe you can offer some additional hikes on the salaries however you are sure the fact that the candidates are deserving of the company and the role.

The Process of Recruiting on LinkedIn

To know what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn means, you should know about the process. It is a bit complex if you are a recruiter planning to hire active candidates on this platform. Let us check out a couple of steps involved.

1. Creating a Company Page on LinkedIn

You can start creating your company page using the drop-down menu stating “work” present at the top-right corner of the page just beside your profile picture. The page operates similarly to your digital profile offering the job-seekers a direct glimpse into who you are as a business and what you can offer them effectively.

Avoid the corporate, recycled jargon in the description, as the candidates appreciate honesty whenever it lands on the brand representation, as you should inform your real story.

4. Creating Job Advertisement

After you have created your company page, it is time to create the job listings. There are job descriptions that offer the candidates the right set of information they require to decide whether the job is the one suited for them or not.

The job posting will include an entire like of the expected responsibilities, the desired experience and qualifications, the required skills, and the salary ranges. LinkedIn consists of a specific tool for streamlining the entire process.

3. Go through Your Posting

LinkedIn lets you watch a successful job listing that captures the potential candidate’s attention. You can check the number of people who have visited it and receive email notifications whenever an application is submitted.

4. Maintaining a Visible Presence

Creating your company page is the initial step of a presence on LinkedIn, as you should stay active. It forms a social networking site for professionals. Some potential candidates wish to check out a few movements across the page, like the professional tool.

The applicants are mainly drawn across the positions available but do not follow through with the stagnant profiles. Ensure that your pact remains active with proper updates.

5. Never Rule Out Passive Candidates

Some passive candidates are not been looking for a job recently. Although they are not your primary target demographic, with the proper job posting and presence as you can persuade talented candidates to jump onto the ship. Always keep a watch on the market, avoiding the opportunities missed.


So, what does actively recruiting on LinkedIn mean? The job seeker and the employer need one another, and they should connect as LinkedIn is a fruitful platform for building the gap between them and linking them. The actively recruiting aspect of LinkedIn plays a pivotal role throughout the recruitment process.


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