The Ultimate Guide on the SNMA Membership Program


The SNMA, or the Student National Medical Association, is the largest student organization among the nation’s ancient programs focusing on the rising concerns for minority communities and related health requirements. SNMA membership program prides itself on having five decades of committed community services since 1964, commenced by medical students from the Meharry medical schools and Howard University.

It supports enhanced, sensitive healthcare services and education for underserved or neglected populations. SNMA primarily represents several medical and premedical students. A different array of SNMA members reflect the company’s appeal to professionals and students everywhere, although it comprises mainly Afro-Americans.

A few of the members are Middle Easterners, Africans, Americans, Hispanics, West Indians, and Caucasians, which brings about a global outlook toward the healthcare and education issues that the organization is addressing.

The goal set for the SNMA membership

  • Raising the levels of recruitment for minority students, retentions, and admissions in the schools to train the health care professionals
  • Sponsorship programs for minority groups encouraging their admission into the health professions
  • Removing the prejudicial practices within the medical field and delivery of proper healthcare practices
  • Offering national leadership programs within the claimed legislative policies to offer better health care programs.
  • Eliminating the disparities in the health of the minority communities by dispersing information about the general maintenance of health and prevention of diseases.

Recruitment and Admission

Their main aim towards admission and recruitment to the medical professions undergoes three programs that encourage premedical and minority high school students to enter their health professions.

  • Health Profession Recruitment and Education Program (HPREP)

It is a program that is designed mainly for middle and high school students who are keen to enter into the platform of allied health care. The medical students often visit these schools to offer demonstrations of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems while having a day trip at the medical school.

Local students have the better opportunity to interact with medical students, attending physicians, and residents with their share of their stories on why they should enter this medical field, offering details on how to enter medical school or college.

  • Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience (CSMB)

The program involves mentorship with the newly established high school magnet programs. The medical students are acting as mentors to these students in the school who are more interested in the healthcare and medicine specialties.

The one-on-one connections aim to facilitate the development of the high school students to recruit medical students within this mentor role. The relationship lasts a couple of years, with the communication done in person and by email.

  • Minority Association of Pre-health Students (MAPS)

MAPS is the direct link with the premedical students across the colleges. The medical students primarily serve as mentors participating in the panel discussions and offering details on the medical school application classes and processes.

Final Note

SNMA membership is mainly available for those who wish to make a difference related to health concerns and medical education for people of color. Members across each level will gain free copies of the SNMA Journal and SNMA Newsletter, SNMA merchandise, and SNMA conference travel, including car rentals, along with eligibility across numerous grants and loan repayment opportunities as SNMA afford their members with the unmatched management, leadership and opportunities towards networking.


1. Which are the different SNMA regions out there?

SNMA forms around 10 regions across the nation. Each of the regions is overseen by the Regional Director which is elected through the respective region.

2. Why is SNMA known as SNMA?

SNMA was formally founded in 1964 as the sub-division of the NMA or the National Medical Association, mainly through the support and effort of W.

3. What is the main goal of SNMA?

The primary goal of SNMA is to serve as the most accurate and credible source of information relative to minority issues across the field of medical education.


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