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The Perks of Joining a Research University in Troy, New York

When it arrives at a research university, it is important to know that it is a university where the main responsibility of the faculty and the professors is to teach the undergraduate courses but also publish and conduct the research. The research university in Troy, New York, tends to stay on the larger end, comprising around 5,000 to 15,000 students.

A few common misconceptions regarding research universities are that they hardly care about teaching the undergraduate courses that the professors do not wish to teach, as their main focus is on the research as there are fewer chances for connecting with the faculty as it can specifically lead out to the below-par undergraduate experiences.

However, there are a couple of real perks to the research university that are worth considering. Let us check them out!

1. Greater number of majors/ minors to pick from

Since the research universities normally tend to stay on the larger end, various faculties and students result in a greater number of majors or minors offered. These majors are refined and specific with the varied concentrations under these majors as a greater number of majors are offered here. It is best for students who are unsure about what they wish to focus on and those with distinctive interests.

2. Availing the hands-on experiences

Research universities normally dedicate several real estate to developing the best facilities and laboratories for their faculty endeavors and projects. But, these resources are not just for the graduate or the faculty students. The bigger laboratories appear to need as several helping hands as possible. The undergraduates at the research universities have greater chances to work with the graduate students and faculties on projects that align with their academic interests.

The combination of the fundamentals of the classroom with practical exposure is a priceless opportunity for these undergraduates. At reputed universities, undergraduates often get involved in research at the beginning of the first year. Due to the nature of this university, the professors are open and inviting to the undergraduate students who participate in their research or are even their willingness to supervise independent projects or studies with these undergraduates.

3. a Best opportunity for those keen towards graduate, law, or medical schools

As already mentioned, the undergraduates will gain their research experiences early in their academic career, compared to the students across the non-research schools. It will give the people planning on the application to the graduate schools to gain a competitive edge over their competition who might not research their experiences or get their names listed as the contributor on the paper.

These research universities frequently consist of in-house programs tailored for undergraduates formally participating in research over the extended period related to the summer breaks.

These programs aim to give undergraduates a sense of what it appears like to have research under their career name. Along with gaining experience building a resume, research universities facilitate several graduate and undergraduate students interacting through workshops, recitations, and on-campus resources.

The opportunity to network with graduate students can aid undergraduate students in gaining an idea of what it appears to be like to be a Ph.D. or graduate student. The exposure is ideal for students trying to decide about their career and academic plans.

4. Take the graduate courses to learn more

The research university in Troy, New York, offers undergraduate students several options to take graduate courses as their electives. It would allow the students to get an in-depth outlook on a subject they are passionate about and decide whether the graduate degree is for them.

5. You can go international

The research universities often have greater international recognition since they frequently publish papers in journals that universities worldwide note. The students and the faculty, both graduate and undergraduate, frequently participate in it and attend the conferences across their respective disciplines, which enabled the university to become prominent among several other recognized institutions.


It does not indicate that there are no faculties that teach at the colleges engaged in the research, with each faculty member across the research university in Troy, New York, performing this research. Great researchers are working across the colleges and faculties around the research universities who view this time as their loafing licenses. However, research universities expect their faculties to spend larger portions of their timely research with colleges involving less research.


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