240 Best Whatsapp Status For All Time


Whatsapp is the most popular messaging app. A maximum of the mobile user nowadays use Whatsapp. WhatsApp has become equally popular as Facebook. Whatsapp status has become a medium to convey your messages to your friends. In this post, we will share with you all kinds of Whatsapp status like motivational status, funny status, love status, birthday Whatsapp status, cool status, sad status for Whatsapp, one line status for Whatsapp, attitude Whatsapp Status.

Cool Status for Whatsapp

Trust Status

I am the dude with a cool attitude.

Don’t like me? Cool, I don’t wake up every day to impress you.

I am not your type. I’m not inflatable.

God is creative; I mean, just look at me.

I don’t trust on words, I trust on activities.

I’m Soo Cool, and Ice Cubes Are Jealous.

Life is Short – Chat Fast!

I need Google in my brain.

I am a very hot dude with A very cool attitude.

I didn’t change, and I just grew up. You should try it once.

Just let it be. if it’s meant to be, it will happen.

I’m so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes CLOSED.

I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak.

I’m jealous of my parents, I’ll never have a kid as cool as theirs.

I love buying new things, but I hate spending money.

Unlike protons, I don’t deal with negativity.

I’m in desperate need of a 6-month vacation twice a year.

I hate math, but I love counting money.

I’m not arguing, I’m merely trying to explain why I’m Right.

Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my Whatsapp status.

Motivational Status for WhatsApp

success status

Do or Die…There is no try.

Dream. Believe. Build. Expand. And don’t let someone get you down.

Be with someone who is proud to have you..

If you dream it, you can do it.

Failure is always temporary, only giving up makes it permanent.

Hard Work + Dream + Dedication = Success.

Once you learn to be happy alone you won’t tolerate anyone who can’t make you just as happy.

“SUCCESS” is depends on 2nd letter.

Dreams doesn’t work unless you do.

Whatever brings you down, will eventually make you stronger.

Never give up. Great things take time.

To success in life… You need two things… Ignorance and Confidence…

If you’re not doing the things that you love, then your life is not worth living. What are you here for?

I never dreamed about success. I work for it.

Success is falling 9 times and getting up 10.

Failures are temporary ,But success is Permanent..

In order to success your desire to success should be greater than your fear of failure.

Read books instead of reading my status!

Don’t tell people your dreams, SHOW THEM!

Don’t be afraid of losing someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you.

Love Status For Whatsapp

Love Status

I want vitamin “U”

My real smile comes out when i am with you ♥

Distance doesn’t matter if two hearts are loyal to each other..

You are what I need in my life.

Can I borrow a Kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.

I can see the future , Let me give you a Clue , it’s ” ME + U “

When I look into your eyes I tend to lose thoughts.

I like to when you smile. But I love it when I’m the reason.

A day without you is always incomplete.

I will be yours, you will be mine and together we will be one love

A man is already halfway in love with any woman who listens to him.

Love when you’re ready, not when you are alone.

Love is sweet when its new, but sweeter when its true.

Be the type of person you want to meet.

I fell in love with u, I don’t know why or how. I just did.

Explaining your feelings to someone is never easy.

Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like hell.

If you love her, dont ever make her cry.

My heart is perfect because.. you are inside.

No matter how “busy” a person is, if they really care, they will always find the time for you.

Sad Status For Whatsapp

sad status

You Broke me again.

I feel lost inside myself.

My silence is just another word for pain.

Don’t judge someone’s life until you’ve felt their pain.

I don’t believe in love because I still don’t have you.

I’m afraid to take another step because I might lose you.

If there is the heart, there’s always sadness.

True love isn’t found. It’s built.

I don’t depend on people anymore because I’m tired of being disappointed.

There is nothing more depressing than having it all and still feeling sad.

Sometimes it’s better to be alone. Nobody can hurt you.

Sometimes the person you trust most is the one who trusts you the least.

If there is the heart, there’s always sadness.

I am only good at hiding my feeling.

The most important part of moving on is letting go.

If I die tomorrow u will miss me.

Tears come from Heart not from the brain.

Please don’t interrupt me while I’m ignoring you.

I speak my mind. And I never mind what I speak.

Birthday Status For Whatsapp

birthday status

I wish you a Happy Birthday.

Happiest Birthday Uncle.

On this day, a Queen was born. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I hope it’s filled with love, laughs, and family.

It’s your birthday! Let us celebrate joyfully another wonderful year of your life.

May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.

The way I see it, you should live every day like it’s your birthday.

Yay!!! Today is my birthday! And by God, I shall celebrate it to the fullest!

Happy birthday, my friend. I can’t imagine celebrating with anyone else.

Happy birthday to you! I wish you lots of opportunities and success in your life.

I hear today is your birthday. Another year older is another year wiser my friend.

May this day come every year in your life with loads of adventures, joys.

Happy birthday beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness.

I will always the first to wish your birthday…many many returns of the day.

Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come. Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are a time to celebrate so kick back and enjoy your wonderful day.

Wishing you a very happy birthday and many more to come. Hope it’s a good one.

Happy birthday my dear friend, may the bright colors paint your life and you be happy forever. Stay blessed.

I hope your day is full of fun and celebration. Happy birthday to you my dear!

When nothing goes right, I go to you. You’re my go-to person at every hour. Happy birthday.

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

relationship status

You + Me = True Love.

Love + trust + loyalty = unbreakable relationship.

A simple lie can ruin the relationship.

Love alone can rekindle life.

A loving heart is the truest wisdom.

You cannot love without a struggle.

If you miss someone that means you love him.

In a relationship with a pretty girl.

Grow your relationship strong with love and honesty.

Be honest in a relationship.

Trust is a key that relationship last long.

I wanna be the last one you love.

I wish I just ask you what you think of me.

Share your pain with someone who understands you.

Trust is key to any relationship.

My favorite fairy tale is our love story.

Forgiveness is the oil of all relationships.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

Let your relationship bring joy and happiness for you.

Keep calm and give me a kiss.

Attitude Status For WhatsApp

attitude status

My attitude based on how you treat me.

I don’t care what you think unless it is about me.

Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh it’s your Attitude.

Please don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude.

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude.

Don’t stress, do your best, forget the rest.

I’m not changed it’s just I grew up and you should try too.

Keep your window of Attitude Clean to see a world of possibilities clearly.

I’m poor. I can’t pay attention in the classroom.

I don’t hate Peoples, I just love Peoples who love me.

I’m a smart person, I just do stupid things.

Please don’t get confused between my personality & my attitude.

That’s fair enough!! that I’m Awesome 🙂. Who Cares!!

May my enemies live a long life to see my success.

The biggest slap to your enemies is your success.

Attitude, knowledge, and skills are the best foundation of real beauty.

I’m a cool person, but who loves to do stupid things.

My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right.

Hey! I found something under my shoe. Oh, wait. That’s just your attitude.

Hate me or love me, but you will never be able to change me.

Best Status Lines For WhatsApp

life status

No Pain, No Gain

Work is worship.

Love all, hate none.

I can do it, I will do it, I am the best.

I wish you were Here To make me smile right now.

It is not an attitude. It is the way I am.

My love is not by chance but by choice.

Life is a journey, Not a Destination!

Forgive, YES. Forget, NEVER!

Life goes on… With or without you!

A wise man once broke his heart.

I will be BETTER tomorrow…!

Every Day Is A Second Chance!

Never try to convince the broken heart.

Sometimes we just have to let things go.

Life is all about redefining yourself.

Enjoy your life without comparing it to others.

Don’t study me. You won’t Graduate!

Dreams Don’t work unless you do.

Life is better when you’re laughing.

Miss you Status For Whatsapp

miss you status

I cant lie, I miss you.

I’m incomplete without you!!!

I can’t stop missing you.

I miss your good night texts 🙁

No, I am not okay… I miss you.

I only miss u when i’m breathing.

MiSSiNG someone is a part of loving them…!!

I really miss you. I just don’t want to admit it.

I am missing you and its killing me.

I pretend that i don’t care, But it makes me miss u more.

I miss your smile, your face, your hugs.I miss you.

I feel bad when you miss me, I feel sad when u don’t.

I miss the old you. The one that cared about me.

When i Miss U.. i read Ur old messages.

When your mood is upset for no reason,you’re surely missing someone.

Every time my phone vibrates, i Always Think its you !!

I can’t explain the way i’m missing you.

I miss Ur love I miss your touch, But I’m feeling U everyday.

I miss your smile, your face, your hugs. I miss you.

My eyes await ur return. Please come back soon. i miss you…!!

Breakup Status For Whatsapp

care status

HOPE = Hold On Pain Ends.

I’m slowly giving up.

I hate to see his face

Memories are the only reason we cant move on.

Lies don’t end relationships, The truth does.

Don’t blame me for leaving, blame yourself for not doing the right things to keep me.

You know my name not my story.

If I delete your number, you are basically deleted from my life.

The truth is: I can’t hate you, even if I try.

It’s hard to move on when you still care.

I know I have no chance, but somehow I can’t stop trying.

I hate seeing you because you bring back the feelings I tried so hard to forget.

I don’t hate you, I hate what you have done.

The most painful goodbyes are the ones never said, but the heart already knows it’s over.

My mouth says I’M OK my fingers text I’M FINE my heart says I’M BROKEN

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Love people, not things. Use things, not people.

Apologies don’t fix broken hearts .

You were most precious trophy i had, But i was the best Game you Played.

My only crime was loving you and my punishment was the broken heart, you gave me when you walked out of my life.

Sorry Status for Whatsapp

sorry status

I m so sorry my love…

I am sorry for felling sorry.

I need you in my life I’m sorry.

Don’t feel ashamed in saying sorry.

I’m not perfect but I’ll always be here loving you and holding your arms because you’re all that matters to me. I am sorry.

Don’t say sorry for something you are planning on repeating later.

I really hate saying sorry. But when I do, I honestly do mean it.

Sorry, I didn’t get your message because I deleted it without listening.

I love you – I trust you – I’m sorry – help me.

The best apology is to changed behavior.

I am sorry, I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to make you mad.

Don’t say sorry for something you are planning on repeating later.

I’m sorry but I’m not thinking about you anymore. Because I’m busy thinking about ourselves.

I can’t express my feelings except to say; I’m really sorry.

Please don’t stop talking to me I really care for you. I am sorry for what I did.

Sorry means nothing without the actions to back it up.

I’m sorry, I’m really sorry for being me.

I’m going home now. I apologize for what I said. I hope U can forget it, but I’m going home right now.

I am sorry for hurting your feeling, I take back my words, I will hope you forgive me.

My prince, I’m willing to wait forever for your forgiveness! You’re the one in my heart. Kisses.

Funny Status For Whatsapp

funny status

Born to express not to impress.

I used to be an atheist, But then I realized I’m God.

Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.

I would lose weight, but I hate losing.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

You can either be right, or you can be the husband.

Not all men are fools, Some stay bachelor.

Take my advice, I don’t use it anyway.

I’m so poor I can’t even pay attention!

Behind every successful man is a surprised woman.

I wish I could mute people in real life.

His story is history, My story is mystery.

I’m not lazy, I’m on energy saving mode.

Silent people have the loudest minds.

I’m too lazy to stop being lazy.

I don’t go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.

Never give up on your dreams keep sleeping.

Talking to myself because I am my own consultant.

I love my job only when I’m on vacation.

The hardest thing I ever tried was being normal.


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