25 Best Get Well Soon Poems for Girlfriend


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Get Well Soon Poems for Girlfriend

1. I wish I could fill my love
In a syringe and let in flow
In your bloodstream so that
You can stop feeling low
I wish I could pack my kisses
Into a tiny little tablet
Then you could gulp it
And feel nice, I bet
I wish I could weave my hugs
Into a warm and cozy sweater
Wearing it will definitely
Make you feel heaps better
Get well soon

2. To my girlfriend…
Even when you are down and out
Your beauty radiates from within
Just looking in your eyes once
Makes my heart spin
Just like how there is nothing
That can change our love’s destiny
No amount of sickness or illness
Can dampen you sizzling beauty
Get well soon

3. The rock star of my world
Is out of action
The diva of my life
Is dealing with an affliction
A common cold has gotten
The better of her
From all this suffering
She needs a breather
Enter prince charming myself
Who will come to her rescue
And with his love and care
Relieve her from her flu
Get well soon

4. I want to be your comforter
In which you can snuggle cozily
I want to be your chicken soup
Which you can eat devouringly
I want to be your mother’s hand
Which pats your forehead calm
I want to give you my warmth
By being your father’s palm
I want to be your medicine
That drives your illness away
Never letting you see
Another weak or fragile day
Get well soon

5. I wish I had the power
And the knowledge of magic
Then I would use my wand
And every single trick
To chant abracadabra
And say vamoose to your flu
For that is when you will know
I can do anything for you
Get well soon

Get Well Soon Poems

6. I want time to fly
I want it to go by
I want it to smoothly flow
And make your illness go
I want you to get well
I don’t want this pain to dwell
I want you to be free
From this crushing agony
Get well soon

7. My hands tremble as I write this poem
I want you to recover quickly
I want the pain and suffering to end
Once again, I want to see you happy
Hope and prayers can sometimes be
More powerful than medicines and drugs
So I am going to try my best
To heal you with my kisses and hugs
Get well soon

8. Spending days by myself all alone
Without seeing you beautiful smile
It’s taking a big toll on me
Living life doesn’t seem worthwhile
I know you are suffering
Even I am tired of your sickness
I am wishing for your recovery
Get well soon my princess

9. Your fever hasn’t stopped you
From radiating beauty
Your cold and cough haven’t
Prevented you from being happy
Although you have a runny nose
And you’re surrounded by tissues
You look prettier than ever
That is a fact no one can refuse
Get well soon beautiful

10. My prayers are filled
With hopes right now
Because I want you to get
Better quickly and how
My wishes are filled
With lots of anticipation
For you to get back
In great action
My desires revolve around
Just one element
I want you to feel
One hundred percent
Get well soon

Get Well Soon Poem For Her

11. I wish that I too
Could fall sick with you
Then we both would cuddle
In the bed we’d snuggle
We wouldn’t need meds
We’d make do with kisses instead
Recovery would be quick
We’d make each other tick
But since that’s not to be
I wish you a fast recovery
Get well soon

12. The corridors of school
Are boring as hell
The only thing I wait for
Is the final bell
The parking lot too
Has lost all its meaning
Without you there is
No fun in hanging
Get well soon baby
To get some life back in me
Nothing without you
In the least seems worthy

13. I hate every single thing
That puts you in agony
And this makes me hate
Your illness endlessly
I’ll do anything to remove
The core reason of your pain
But my efforts I know
This time will be in vain
For illness is not in mine
Or in anyone else’s hands
Unless we have supernatural
Powers or magical wands
But don’t think that I am
Completely helpless as yet
My prayers will reach God
And make you well, I bet
Get well soon

14. Girl, if I were your doctor
I would administer
Lots of my love in your ivy
To make you feel better
Girl, if I were the nurse
I’d put my hand on your head
And make you feel fine
Until you finally went to bed
Girl, even though I am
Neither of these two
I know that my prayers and love
Are reaching you
Get well soon

15. This hospital is really very lucky
To have a patient like you, so pretty
Who spreads sunshine all around
When she laughs or even makes a sound
Who brings joy wherever she goes
Whether it is to the best of friends or foes
Who always carries an attitude so positive
Who lives to just give
Girl, karma is going to come to your rescue
Deserving a quick recovery, is no one but you

16. Rotting away in loneliness
Being robbed of all happiness
Reeling in the pain of sadness
Longing for your romantic caress
Being weighed down by stress
Feeling like a complete mess
Baby your sickness
Has made my life worthless
Get well soon

17. I want to make you smile
So that your pain eases a bit
I want to make you laugh
With my humor and wit
I want you make you chuckle
So that you forget your pain
I want to make you grin
So that you don’t go insane
I want to keep you comforted
Until you recover
I want to do everything
To make you better
Get well soon

18. These germs have come to you
And not to another person
Is because of your ability
To attract everyone
Just like how your lovely charm
And beauty have pulled me close
Your germs have been drawn to you
In a very heavy dose
Your illness cannot be blamed
It is just another prey
To your hotness for which
I too had fallen one day
Get well soon

19. Facabook feels so lonesome
Twitter isn’t making any noise
Zero text messages on my phone
Has made it loose its voice
Instagram too has been marred
By no activity
All because my sweetheart
Is not in her spirits lately
But all’s going to be well again
On Facebook, Insta and Twitter
Because it’s only a matter of time
Until you get better
Get well soon

20. I can feel your pain
I can feel your anxiety
I can feel your discomfort
I can feel your agony
I can feel every emotion
That you are going through
Because at the end of the day
I live my life through you
Get well soon

Get Well Soon Poem for Gf

21. The scent of the roses I brought
The warmth of the chocolate
All my gifts will make you feel
Much better, I bet
All the movies I’ve got for you
Along with the magazines
Will surely make you feel
The best of what you’ve recently been
I want to get you everything
That makes you feel happy
I will do everything I possibly can
To give you a quick recovery

22. When you are down
Dull is the word around town
When you are totally out
There’s nothing for me to flout
When you are in distress
My life becomes a big mess
When you are in pain
It drives me crazy and insane
When you are sick
My life just stops to tick
Get well soon

23. Baby, don’t let your illness make you
Lose life’s zeal and zest
Don’t let the loss of energy
Make you feel lesser than the best
Sweetheart, it’s just a matter of time
Until you’re up and about
And that’s going to be real soon
Of that, my heart has no doubt
Get well soon

24. I can’t bear to know that you are suffering
I wish I could to something to ease your pain
The thought of your sickness is shattering me
It feels like I’ve been hit by a train
I know that there is little I can do
Besides help you heal with my love and care
I will open my heart up to you
Hoping that the words will sooth the despair
Get well soon

25. Consider this to be
A short break from your routine
Think of it as a timeout
From the stress that you have seen
Assume your illness to be
A mini sabbatical
In which you can laze around
And do things so magical
Baby, spend all day watching TV
While you recover
Until you feel rejuvenated
As you slowly get better
Get well soon


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