25 Best I Love You Poems for Dad


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I Love You Poems for Dad

1. Every time that I have succeeded
I owe it to your advice that I heeded
Every time my ambitions took a fall
It was you who helped me stand tall
Every time I felt a surge of fear
You let me hide beneath your veneer
Every time I howled and cried
To cheer me up, you tried
Every time I thought of you dad
You kept me from being sad
I love you

2. Life-giving
Utterly Doting
Supremely caring
Extremely loving
Really incredible
Totally special
Truly valuable
Dad, you’re exceptional
I love you

3. Hugging dads like you is the best way
To start each and every day
Dads like you are the perfect recipe
To drive away pain and misery
Dads like you are the prefect concoction
To fill life with joy and appreciation
Dads like you are people
Who make lives of kids like me so special
I love you

4. There are fantastic dads
There are amazing fathers
And then there is you
Perfect all-in-one packages
Without any flaws
Like you are very few
I love you dad

5. As a kid I must have been
So uncontrollable and crazy
I wonder how you still
Managed to tolerate me
As an adolescent I know
I was so carefree and wild
But your demeanor with me
Never changed from being mild
During my growing years
I still didn’t change my ways
But you never let me out
From your distant yet watchful gaze
As much I hated you
For your nagging behavior
Today I realize, dad
That you are my real savior
I love you

Daddy poem

6. Dear dad…
I consider myself the luckiest chap ever
To have grown up under the watch of such a loving father
Recollecting these precious memories of my childhood
Is a rare pleasure like no other
Every son dreams of one day
Becoming a man, more successful than his dad
But I have no such plans because you are
The best father anyone could ever have had
I love you

7. One day I will become more mature
One day I will become a young lady
But I will never forget my first love
The man to whom I owe my life – my daddy
One day I will grow up and move out
One day I will be away from your watchful eyes
But no matter where I go, I will hold you close
My daddy – the man who helped me fly
I love you

8. Father’s Day is too short
Parents’ Day gets over in a jiffy
Your birthday too is no good
It passes by so quickly
The entire year flies by
Without giving me a warm opportunity
To tell you how much I will always
Love you dearly

9. Just like you
I want to wear a crisp suit
Just like you
I want to have the power to refute
Just like you
I want to be of significance
Just like you
I want to have an air of importance
Just like you
I want to provide for my family
You are my idol
In every possible way, daddy
I love you

10. Even when your towering presence, I don’t see
I know that you are always with me
By your rules, even if I don’t abide
I know that you will always be by my side
At the end of the day
You will always love me, come what may
I love you dad

I Love You Dad

11. If all dads were as loving as you
In the world, there would be no distress
If all the dad were as caring as you
The world would be full of happiness
If all dads were as generous as you
The world would be a better place
If all dads were as handsome as you
Everyone would have a good looking face
But since all dads are not like you
I consider myself to be lucky
I thank my destiny and fate
For giving me you – my dearest daddy
I love you

12. Just like how every single morning
Must start with a hot coffee
I cannot pass the day without
Talking to my daddy
He voice like the dose of caffeine
That awakens my soul and body
He is the reason for my life
My heartbeat and my energy
I love you dad

13. In the end
I know very well
All my troubles will be gone
Everything will be swell
This confidence and panache
Seems to be hereditary
For I am the son of a cool guy
Who I call daddy
I love you

14. More dads
Need to be like you
More like a cheery red
Less like a dull blue
More fathers
Need to have your vibe
I wish more power
To you tribe
I love you dad

15. Whether people call me a smart guy
Or they call me brainy
They should redirect their praise
To you, my dear daddy
For you are the only reason
My genes are what they are
Taking birth as your son is what
Has made me a real superstar
I love you

16. You are the first man
Who held me in your palms
You are the first man
Who carried me in your arms
You are the first man
Who gave me a kiss
You are the first one
Who taught me what love is
You are the only man
Who I consider to be idol
Dad, you are and always will be
The man who is most special
I love you

17. The memories of my childhood
So unforgettable
Your love and affection for me
So palpable
Your protection during adolescence
So advisable
Your guidance during teenage
So sensible
That is why my love for you is
So insatiable
For me, you are the man
Who is so very special
I love you dad

18. You have given me the gift
Of excellence
Which I have chased
With so much perseverance
You have given me the gift
Of zeal and ambition
Which I have chased
With might and dedication
You have given me the gift
Of a very good life
Which I am trying to live
Free of pain or strife
For filling my life with every
Important virtue
Dearest daddy, I will
Always love you

19. Adios bad luck
Goodbye demons mighty
So long scary ghosts
Bye-bye banshee
My dad is here
He will scare you all away
He is the bravest of all
Get ready for your D-Day
I love you dad

20. When I was learning to ride
I fell again and again
But instead of scooping me up
You allowed me to feel the pain
Hurt but determined
I rose to try once more
And I rode the bicycle so well
That I began to soar
It is because you didn’t help me
That I became independent
Making me realize what it means
To be a father that very moment
I love you

Father Poems

21. I hope I have been able to do
All the things that you always wanted me to
I hope I have been able to fulfill
Your dreams, aspirations and your will
I hope I have been able to be
The man you always wanted to make out of me
I love you dad

22. Sometimes you are my best friend
Sometimes you act like my mother
But all the other times
You are a sweet daddy, like no other
Sometimes you make me happy
Sometimes you make me mad
But all the other times
You are my oh so loving dad
I love you

23. Life would be a field
Barren and full of sand
If you weren’t around
To make it a lush green land
I know that for ever and ever
You will be there to make us smile
As long as you are our father
The land of our dreams will always be fertile
I love you

24. You held me firmly in my place
By being my anchor
You showed me the right way in life
By being my teacher
You taught me right from wrong
By being my mentor
You never made me feel any paucity
By being my provider
Sometimes you also filled the shoes
Of being my loving mother
You are the most important person in my life
I love you, my dear father

25. Strength of a stone
Foundation of a rock
Dear dad, you have been
My building block
Wings of an angel
Halo of the Almighty
Dear dad, you are
Everything for me
I love you


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