25 Best Thank You Poems for Wife


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Thank You Poems for Wife

1. Before I say something
There’s only one thing I think of
That I shouldn’t be saying stuff
That makes you shudder or scoff
Before I go some place away
Only one thing in mind I bear
That you should be with me
For you, because I care
Before I do anything
It’s you, I always think about
For you have supported me
Without any hesitance or doubt
Thank you

2. From the entire world I have been hiding
There is something I haven’t been showing
How thankful I am, for having a lovely lady
My dearest wife, who happens to be
For having hidden my gratefulness
For such a long time, I seek forgiveness
But today I will voice my thoughts openly
Being thankful for everything wholeheartedly

3. Valentine’s Day
Is not the ideal instance
Nor is your birthday
The right circumstance
Our anniversary is just
Too obvious
My birthday too wouldn’t
Serve the purpose
Of being the perfect time
To confess and give away
That I am thankful to you forever
Not just for a day

4. Pretty, beautiful, hot
Are compliments that are lame
Because they all seem meaningless
Sounding the very same
Amazing, special, lovely
Hardly make for genuine praise
For a woman like you who never
Ceases to amaze
I admit, I can’t find the right words
To tell you how wonderful you are
But in short I just want to say
That you are our family’s superstar
Thanks for everything

5. The beauty of my life
Its sheer magnificence
The splendor of life’s journey
Its utter exuberance
The joy that fills my life
Its shimmering radiance
This how luminous
You make my existence
Thank you

Thank You Poems

6. From where should I begin
There is so much to thank you for
If I sit to write it down
I’d fill more than a page for sure
I wonder which words to use
To show you my gratitude
For filling my life with strength
And so much fortitude
The foundation of everything
On a simple few words will always rest
Thanks for being a wife
Who is the very best

7. My dear wife…
Just like how drops of rain feel lovely
When they fall on the skin
Just like how the chest swells with pride
After a glorious win
Just like the feeling of satisfaction
After a day’s job done well
Just like when miracles happen
Making life feel like a magical spell
That is the kind of beauty
You invoke in my life everyday
All I can say is thanks
For making my life turn out this way

8. My life has been splashed
With a riot of colors
My kids have been blessed
With a beautiful mother
My dreams have been enthused
With lots of inspiration
My future has been sprinkled
With ambitious aspiration
For these beautiful things
You have been instrumental
Thank you sweetheart
For making my life special

9. I have a crush on you for many reasons
Because you are the perfect person
I have fallen in love with you repeatedly
Because you are so pretty
I have always found you irresistible
Because you are so delectable
I have always found you attractive
Because without you I cannot live
For always making me feel this way
Thank you is all that I want to say

10. Life would have been a tough voyage
It would have been a difficult passage
Life would have become an ordinary event
Without any fun or enjoyment
But since the day of our beautiful matrimony
Life has turned into a beautiful journey
Thank you

Thank You Poems for Her

11. The dictionary of my life has changed
So many words have been discarded
Making way for more beautiful ones
That our marriage has added
There are so many negative words
Like worry, tension and stress
That have been replaced with
Jubilance, bliss and happiness
You have completely turned around
The look of my life’s lexicon
Previously life wasn’t that special
Now it is a synonym for fun

12. The million dollar prize
The highest reward
The biggest honor
The reason to applaud
The most precious gift
The gold medal
The rare treasure
The reason life is special
The glorious trophy
The greatest accolade
An award-winning journey
My life, you have made

13. To be as perfect as you
I was in competition
But no matter what I did
I knew I wouldn’t have won
So many different hats
I thank you for donning
You are the reason why
Life is up and running
Without your management
Our family would go astray
Thanks for all the help
That you give us everyday

14. The door to new opportunity
The pathway to a life which is happy
The entrance to paradise
The viewpoint of seeing life as a prize
The path to marital harmony
The perspective of living joyfully
The way to a perfect life
Has been taught to me by my wife
Thanks darling

15. I could take you on a vacation
To an island exotic
For expressing my love to you
Saying that you’re terrific
To a Michelin star restaurant
I could take you out for dinner
To say that I will be yours
Now and forever
But none of this will express
What I really want to say
That I want to thank you for everything
In each and every way
So here I am
Holding this handwritten letter
With all my love I want to say
That my life couldn’t have been better

16. There is a list which I have
To read out to you today
Compliments and Thank You
Is what it has to say
For all the things you’ve been doing
For me and the children
You don’t deserve a few thanks
But more than a million
Thank you

17. I count my blessings every day
My gratitude to God, I will always convey
I count all the reasons life has given me
To have no stress and to be happy
I count the number of times I’ve been given
The chance to see life as a ride full of fun
I thank life for being a dream come true
Because I have a wonderful wife like you

18. Like a beautiful diamond
You make my life shimmer
Like the ray of a sun
You make my life brighter
Like the tranquil sunset
You paint my life crimson
Like the laughter of a child
You fill my life with fun
Like a lovely butterfly
You make my life lightweight
Darling, you make every moment
A reason to celebrate
Thank you

19. To my dear wife…
The fair in my unjust
The light in my dark
The cheer in my gloom
My life’s electrical spark
The direction of my road
The clarity in my confusion
The reason for me to breathe
The flower in my garden
You are the second half
Of every first half of mine
Thanks for completing me
And making my life so fine

20. There are many reasons for us to fight
But many more for me to love you too
There are many reasons for us to be cross
But also to make up after we argue
I believe that life is short and fleeting
Which is why I want to be frank
And confess that for a wonderful life
My wife, you are the one who I must thank

Short Poems for wife

21. If I had a choice to change
Anything about my life
I would choose to marry early
To have more time with my wife
For that is the only thing
I really regret
The only element of my life
Which makes me upset
So much happier I would be
If I had married you earlier
But since that didn’t happen
I will focus on the future
Thanking God for giving me
A beautiful wife like you
Who has made my life
Too good to be true

22. From finding my socks
To reminding me of important dates
From watching TV of my choice
To not minding my loud mates
From making me great lunch
To ensuring that the kids study
From planning the weekends
To reassuring me of each worry
There is a plethora of things
That you magically get done
Thank you for being
My wife and my life’s number one

23. I want my thanks to be majestic
For a wife who is so terrific
I want my thanks to be full of grandeur
For a wife whose love is so pure
I want my thanks to be truthful
For a wife who is so beautiful
I want my thanks to be memorable
For a wife so incredible
Thank you

24. Even if I scouted the best magazines
And browsed all of the internet
Another beautiful woman like you
I wouldn’t find in the whole world I bet
Even if I scanned with a magnifying glass
And looked though every nook and corner
In the whole world I wouldn’t able to be
Find a wife who is better
Of course, I am joking around
I would never want to look for anyone
This is just my cute and funny way to say
Thanks for making my life so much fun

25. I don’t want death
To ever do us apart
I want to rewrite our vows
From the very start
I want no force in this world
To be powerful enough
To break our bond
So sturdy and tough
We’ll be together in this life
And after our death too
Thanks for everything you’ve done
My wife, I love you


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