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Hilarious Status For Facebook

1. To marry means to reduce your rights and double your duties.

2. If a person tells a notorious and improbable lie, the best way is to match it with one still greater.

3. Car is not a luxury, but a means of transport.

4. Creditors have a better memory than debtors.

5. No person with a sense of humor was a founder of a religion.

6. In general, moralists enjoy cruelty, so they invented hell.

7. Most of the couples either can’t get along together or can’t’ do without each other.

8. People are waiting for miracles from doctors and teachers but when a miracle happens, nobody is surprised.

9. A doctor’s reputation is created by dead celebrities that were his patients once.

10. He’s a significant doctor. He has invented several diseases and was able to distribute them.

11. If a patient did not feel better after the conversation with the doctor, then it’s not a doctor.

12. Doctors are hated either out of principles or the economy.

13. Ultimately, dying is not that bad.

14. Freedom exists. All you have to do is to pay its cost.

15. Lend money to your enemy and you will have a friend. Lend money to your friend and you will get an enemy.

16. It’s the same with the Government like it’s with Nature; it’s easier to change a lot of things at once than something gradually.

17. Eternal holiday is a great definition of hell.

18. Usually, we ask people about how they spent the weekend in order to tell them about our own weekend.

19. Narcotism is a long term enjoyment of death.

20. Commonly, women’s beauty and men’s brains are dangerous for their owners.

Hilarious Status for Whatsapp

21. We are confident to say that smoking is one of the reasons for statistics.

22. Nicotine kills five minutes of a working hour.

23. Perhaps deserts were created so that people would appreciate trees.

24. One should have rest form laziness sometimes.

25. Most saints were poor but this does not mean that poor people are saint.

26. Death is an unpleasant formality, but all the candidates are always welcome.

27. We need money to live without them.

28. The rich are not like us; they have more money.

29. If you want to become rich just because the rich do not think about money, I have to disappoint you.

30. Free is the one who has no desires? Then why to dream about freedom?.

31. Enough means a bit more than required.

32. Show me the meaning and I will do any craziness.

33. Tomorrow is a great liar, but his lie is always fresh and new.

34. Tyrant and a slave living in a woman for ages. That’s why she can never make friends. She knows only love.

35. Thoughts and women never come together.

36. It’s better to have beauty rather than virtues. But it’s better to have virtues rather than to be ugly.

37. Ugly people are smarter because they have less opportunities for pleasures and more time for studies.

38. Heart needs only one woman, emotions want most of them and conceit-all of them.

39. Friends help us to live but don’t let us work.

40. Human being needs two years to learn to speak and around sixty years to learn to keep silence.

Hilarious Status in English

41. Nobody will make friends with a woman if he can be her lover.

42. If a day lasts too long, people start complaining that life is too short.

43. The better the pub, the worse the wife, the worse the wife, the better the pub.

44. Marriage of benefit can be happy if the calculation was done correctly.

45. The first forty hours of our lives is a text, the rest thirty hours are comments that help us to understand the real meaning of life.

46. The question of becoming a millionaire is only a matter of time. You are already a millionaire in your mind. This matters.

47. Nobody can be considered happy before his death.

48. If you expect the worst from a person, he won’t ever disappoint you.

49. If a woman appreciates your time and never makes drama she simply does not like you.

50. Commonly we have no time to do all the stupid things we want that lead to nothing.

51. When everything is at its worst, the only thing you can do is laugh.

52. One of the vital consequences of war is that people get disappointed in heroism at last.

53. Being young and ugly is like being pretty and old.

54. Brain is the most extraordinary organ. It is able to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, since the moment of your birth until… you fall in love.

55. How to make a person tell the truth? Just make him angry.

56. Don’t try to live forever, it won’t work out.

57. Silly women fall in love whereas smart ones get married.

58. It’s better to be mad about a woman than to be mad without her.

59. Secrets can be kept if not considered being secrets.

60. The longer the title the less important the job.

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