25 Best Goodbye Poems for Girlfriend


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Goodbye Poems for Girlfriend

1. I still can’t believe you are going to go
Maybe because my heart refuses to accept it
I guess I have no choice but to see you leave
I will have to let the reality sink in, bit by bit
I will hold on to our memories tightly
Hoping that you do the same
I will keep waiting in despair until the moment
I hear your voice, saying my name

2. This goodbye is going to be cruel
The heartbreak might make me lose my cool
This goodbye is going to be nasty
How do you expect me to leave my lady
This goodbye is going to be tough
Of our last hug, I am never going to get enough
This goodbye is going to make me sigh
Our last kiss, might actually make me cry

3. We’ll keep in touch by email
We’ll Skype and chat on WhatsApp
We’ll send each other messages and tweets
We’ll speak before we nap
Love grows with distance
Is what I have heard people say
I hope that it is true
As you prepare to go away

4. Had I known from the beginning
That saying goodbye would be so hard
I would have done everything to stop you
Now, your absence is going to leave me scarred
Just look deeply into my eyes
The pain in my heart, you will see
I will be completely lost without you
Girl, why are you doing this to me

5. Saying goodbye should not be tough
To my girl, who I love so deeply
I will wait for the day she comes back
It won’t be too long, surely
The most soothing words to hear
From your mouth would be
I will be back soon sweetheart
Until then, keep missing me

Short Sad Goodbye Poems

6. Who will I call late at night
Who will I tease endlessly
Who will I flirt with
Who will I take out for a coffee
Who will I bore with my jokes
Who will I give kisses to
Who will I cuddle
Who will tell me I Love You

7. Why, when, where
I just don’t care
All I ask for, today
Is I want you to stay
Before you start
Just feel my heart
Baby, don’t leave
Without you, I’ll grieve
Don’t say goodbye
You’ll make me cry
Girl, don’t go
You are my life’s flow

8. I know I am not insecure
But then I wonder why I am afraid
I know everything will be alright
But even then, I fear that memories will fade
I know that it is just a matter of a few months
But I don’t know how I will get through
I know you will come back soon
But even then, I know I will badly miss you

9. As you prepare to leave for college
I want you to remember the guy
Who may not have a fancy degree
But missing you, makes him cry
When you sit there in your dorm room
I want you to think about the boy
Who treated you like a princess
For whom, you were life’s biggest joy
Whenever you feel down and low
Think about how he is waiting
To hug you and kiss you
That should get you smiling
And when you finish studying
When you feel like taking a break
Come back to town, and see
That his love for you, was never fake

10. Going to the beach
Grabbing a coffee
Hanging out at the mall
Being totally carefree
We did this all
And a lot more
But now I will be
Sad from the core
Who will be
My partner in crime
Who will I look forward
To meet all the time
Girl, I’m gonna miss you
Is what I want you to know
I’ll be heartbroken
To see you go

Sad Goodbye To A Girlfriend

11. I know you have a purpose
I know there is a reason for you to go
But still, I am sad to see you leave
What will I do without you, I don’t know
I am going to tumble into a sorry state
Without the girl, who gives my life a glow
Depression and loneliness will engulf me
Until you come back, I will always feel low

12. We are not just any other
Boyfriend and girlfriend couple
We are soul mates
Our relationship is special
Nothing can come in-between us two
Not even distance
Even though we will be apart
I’ll never stop missing you, not even once

13. This goodbye seems totally unreal
To sink in, it will probably take a while
How will I survive without the girl
Who always makes me smile
I don’t care whether
It is one month or one year
My heart will wriggle in despair
Until you come back here

14. One two three four
I can’t see you walk out that door
Five six seven eight
Without you, I will be in a sorry state
Nine ten eleven twelve
My dreams, I will pause and shelve
Thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen
I will be the loneliest I have ever been

15. At night, I’ll sleep under the blanket of loneliness
Staring aimlessly at the stars and the moon
Girl, I know you have to go
But please come back soon
I know it is just a matter of a few months
Until we will be together again
But those weeks will be hard to pass
Missing you, I’ll be throbbing in pain

16. Nothing, hollow, empty, void, vacant
These words describe the state of my heart
Which will be after you leave
Until the day we are no longer apart
Sad, gloomy, lonely and depressed
This is how I will feel every day
Girl, without you my world
Will be dull, dark and gray

17. My heart is beating faster
My palms are getting sweatier
I can’t speak properly
I can’t listen attentively
I am losing my sense
I am getting tense
Girl, let me get one last view
I love you, I’ll miss you

18. I don’t want you to leave
The pain of loneliness, I don’t want to bear
Isn’t there something you can do
Why does life have to be so unfair
You are not just my girlfriend
You are also my best bud
Look into my eyes baby
Without you, life’s going to be a dud

19. Although I am sad to see you leave
I know you are going with a goal in mind
I wish that you get all that you seek
I hope that happiness is what you find
I will be right here, waiting for the day
When I see your beautiful sight in the distance
For that moment, when you walk into my arms again
Because you are life of my soul’s existence

20. Funny tweets just won’t cut it
Sweet Facebook messages won’t be enough
Mushy pins won’t be sufficient
Breaking into a smile will be tough
Phone calls won’t be the same as meeting
Text messages will make me miss you even more
I will be lonely and alone
Without the girl, who I adore

Goodbye Poems

21. I will miss looking at your beautiful face
I will miss drooling at your luscious lips
I will miss staring into your pretty eyes
I will miss ogling at your curvy hips
I will miss giving you those long hugs
I will miss flattering you with my charms
I will miss stealing those naughty kisses
I will miss holding you in my arms

22. A cute nudge
A playful spat
A romantic gaze
A flirty chat
A warm hug
A tear or two
A sweet whisper
I Love You

23. Girl, I’m on my knees, I must confess
If you go away, I will be a complete mess
I know this is temporary, I know you will come back
But until then, my life will go off-track
I never knew that goodbye
Would be a word so painful, it would make me cry
I feel like I am tearing my heart into two
When I am saying it to you

24. Don’t worry, I am not trying to be a spoil sport
Wherever you are, you will always have my support
I know that your destiny is calling you
But without you, what will I do
Sad, depressed and lonely
This is what I am going to be
I just can’t get myself to see you go
Of all my life, this will be a historic low

25. I might smile when I say goodbye
But behind that smile is a broken heart
I hate to see you go
From my girl, I don’t know want to be apart
With you around, life seems like spring
But after you leave, it will become a cold winter
My heart will go numb in the chill of loneliness
Until you come back, and usher in a beautiful summer


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