Top 7 Rosalind Cartwright Quotes


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1. Memory is never a precise duplicate of the original… it is a continuing act of creation. Dream images are the product of that creation.

2. Our early results are showing that the wife’s sleep is indeed deprived due to the husband’s noisy night. This is not a mild problem. The lack of sleep for both partners puts a strain on the marriage.

3. Couples who struggle with sleep apnea have a high divorce rate.

4. The strain on the marriage was evident, the couple was fighting all the time.

5. Life is just not pleasant together when you are not rested. You don’t ride the bumps of stress as well.

6. This is the first study to document if her sleep is improved, and the relationship during the day is improved, and we think the compliance with the treatment is improved.

7. This is a frequent problem within marriages that nobody is paying enough attention to.


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