30 Nothing is Permanent Quotes and Captions


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1. “Nothing lasts forever, not even your feelings and emotions, as everything is temporary.” – ANONYMOUS

2. “Things will come and go in life, nothing is permanent.” – ANONYMOUS

3. “You cannot keep everything found in your life permanent, because it is not possible.” – ANONYMOUS

4. “Everyday teaches me, nothing is permanent and life has to move on!” – ANONYMOUS

5. “Nothing is permanent in life. So we need to learn just enjoy our present!” – ANONYMOUS

6. We can’t expect anyone to stay with us forever, but we can appreciate their presence while they do.” – ANONYMOUS

7. “Don’t be stuck with a single thing, keep moving on and find new happiness, for nothing is permanent in this wicked world.” – ANONYMOUS

8. “Nothing is permanent in this world, not even our troubles. They all pass away, but we have to live through them first.” – ANONYMOUS

9. “Pain is temporary, beauty is temporary, life is temporary, so enjoy it because it won’t last forever.” – ANONYMOUS

10. “Whatever is assumed to be permanent is always temporary things.” – ANONYMOUS

11. “When we hold on too tightly to our attachments we are trying to keep them just as they are, to make them permanent. But nothing in life is permanent.” – GYALWA DOKHAMPA

12. “At all times in life, an old thing ends and a new thing starts, this cycle goes on.” – ANONYMOUS

13. “In this life nothing’s permanent: joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure. Everything is in a constant state of change.” – ANONYMOUS

14. “Life is fair, will give you what you deserve, if not given, then wait for the right time to come.” – ANONYMOUS

15. “Every moment is a moment of bliss, enjoy it well, once it is gone, it will never come back.” – ANONYMOUS

16. “No one is permanent in our life. They come to us for a reason, leave for a reason and no matter how hard it is to let go, moving on is key.” – ANONYMOUS

17. “Do not try to make your people’s thinking permanent, make your relationship with them permanent.” – ANONYMOUS

18. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – REINHOLD NIEBUHR

19. “Change brings you an opportunity to get out of the embarrassment you have been carrying with you.” – ANONYMOUS

20. “You could be broken in the most unexpected ways. Believe yourself more than anyone else. Nothing is permanent here.” – ANONYMOUS

21. “Be strong enough to accept that everything is temporary, nothing is permanent.” -ANONYMOUS

22. “Be happy, live your today, Because Everything is temporary, nothing is permanent.” – ANONYMOUS

23. “Nothing’s permanent, stop stressing yourself because no matters how bad the situation gets, it will change.” – ANONYMOUS

24. “No matter whether the pain or smile is temporary or permanent, we just have to enjoy everything.” – ANONYMOUS

25. “Everything you see in the outer world is temporary, but the love you have in your heart remains forever.” – ANONYMOUS

26. “Life is a journey. We all have ups and downs, but we’ll always be there for each other.” – ANONYMOUS

27. “Remember sadness is always temporary. This, too, shall pass.” – CHUCK T. FALCON

28. “One day you will leave me and I will cry because you are not mine anymore. But then I’ll smile because I was yours once.” – ANONYMOUS

29. “You think all the friends I had in my life will be permanent, and your friends feel the same, but there is nothing permanent.” – ANONYMOUS

30. “Everything that is permanent in our life does not change itself but the attitude of people changes towards me.” – ANONYMOUS


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