30 Goodbye Poems for Friends – Farewell Poems


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1. I can’t believe you are going
You are leaving, it’s depressing
I am crying and whining
I am sobbing and howling
But I am not complaining
Because I am appreciating
That I am lucky to be having
A friend, so caring

2. We may have to stay apart
But you will always be in my heart
We may have to go separate ways
But I will miss you every single day
As we exchange our sad goodbyes
Let’s promise to never end our ties
I know that life must go on
But without you, I will be completely torn

3. To my dear friend…
I don’t want to be alone
And endure pain
I don’t want to say goodbye
I want to see you again
I don’t want to let you go
I want you by my side
I don’t want to lose you
With you, I want to stride
No matter how long you are
Going to be away
Just remember that I will
Wait for you every day

4. Friendships never end
Due to time or distance
Stop thinking about this
Don’t worry even once
Friendship is never forgotten
Just because friends separate
Somehow, they are always
Held together by fate

5. The city won’t be the same
In your absence my friend
How much I will miss you
Of that there is no end
As you move to a new place
And make it your own
You will leave me hanging
Miserable and all alone
At cafes, parks and malls
I’ll miss you, each and every instance
I wish you farewell and much
Good luck in abundance

6. Having to go separate ways
Must be in our destiny
I know things won’t be the same
But we will manage easily
With Facebook and WhatsApp
There is nothing to worry about
We will keep in touch everyday
Of that I have no doubt
With FaceTime and Viber
Our talks will continue
Although all this won’t
Stop me from missing you

7. Don’t worry, my friend
We are moving apart
But our friendship
Is deep rooted in my heart
I have to take one path
While you pursue another
But we will meet soon
Let’s promise each other

8. I don’t want you to go away
While you leave me here
I am scared as the day
Of your departure comes near
To be strong and calm
I don’t want to pretend
Because the moment you live
My whole world will come to an end

9. Things around me
Won’t be the same anymore
Life is now going
To be such a big bore
Please don’t go
My heart is sore
Your absence is going
To cause a painful uproar

10. I need a friend with whom
I can share every bit of my life
Saying goodbye to a friend
Is like stabbing yourself in the heart
And twisting the knife repeatedly
To almost tear it apart
Letting a friend leave
Is like walking over bits of glass
Knowing that life has
Reached its ultimate impasse
This is how I’ll feel
When you make your exit
I will miss you from the innards
Of my every living bit

11. Phase one is over
We are about to start phase two
This is time in our friendship
When everything will be new
We will be in different cities
But always together on the phone
We will do everything to make sure
That neither of us is alone

12. To say goodbye
As you leave for college
Here I am
Trying to gather courage
I don’t know how
I will survive without you
I feel like enrolling
In the same college too
But since that is not possible
All I can do is wait
Until we are brought
Together again, by fate

13. A lovely friend you have been
Among the best I have seen
The times I have spent with you
Have stuck in my mind like glue
Even as you move out from town
I will not cry, whine or frown
For I know that wherever you may be
You will always reach out to me

14. Saying goodbye to you
Is like swallowing a bitter pill
It is like saying something
Which is against my will
But the show must go on
Life must continue
Even though your absence
Will make me miss you

15. The only good part
About separating
Is that I will be
Desperately waiting
For us to meet
And have a reunion
I can imagine
It would be crazy fun
That is what I
Look forward to
It is, the only reason
I will tolerate missing you

16. I need a friend with whom
I can sort out all my strife
I need a friend who can
Help me with a few chores
I need a friend who can
Heal me when I am sore
In my life, you are the one
Who plays these important roles
Your absence is going to leave
An empty spot in my soul

17. My mouth utters a goodbye
But my heart does not agree
Now that you will be gone
I will be without company
As I scribble this poem
To wish you farewell
My heart begins to realize
That nothing’s going to be well

18. You don’t have to explain
The cause for this awful pain
I know that you have to go
But I just want you to know
That I will remember you
Whether I am happy or blue
I will hold on to tightly
To our friendship’s memories

19. We have always been buddies
Despite our quarrels and fights
Going by this rule
An end is not in sight
Even when you are gone
I will call you to say
What you did wasn’t right
And mine was the correct way
Whether you come back
Or you aren’t here
As long as we keep arguing
We will always be near

20. Seeing you in person
Will be replaced by the phone
Hanging out with you
Will be replaced by being alone
Gossiping with you
Will be replaced by boredom
Running errands without you
Will become lonesome
Instead of pouring my heart to you
I’ll now have to bottle up everything
Staying away from you is like
How a bird would feel without wings

21. As you begin
Your long journey
Don’t forget your friends
Especially me
As you travel
To different countries
Don’t forget
Your closest buddies
Travel safely
Have fun on the way
But most importantly
Don’t forget to call me everyday

22. My goodbye to you
Is going to be grand
The reason for that
I’m sure you understand
You are my closest friend
That you very well know
How sad that will make me
To watch you leave and go
Tears, pain and tantrums
Will be a part of the grandeur
Of your farewell party
Of that I’m very sure
While others give you gifts
With smiles on face after face
I will ready myself for
My life’s loneliest phase

23. To my dear friend….
I will think of you
When I go out to play
I will think of you
Every single night and day
I will think of you
When I go out for coffee
I will remember you
When I go to the movies
I will think of you
When I take the bus to school
I will remember that day
When we laughed like fools
Little things like these
I will forever cherish
Come back here soon
That is my only wish

24. Our memories will play
Like a film reel
Whenever I will think
Of you a great deal
One happy scene
Will play after another
As I reminisce the time
That we’ve spent together
You will have gone far
But nostalgia will stay
Dear friend, I’ll miss you
In each and every way

25. Won’t you miss me
Along with your home town
Won’t it upset you
Or put your spirits down
Won’t you miss your friends
Apart from your family
If yes, you can still cancel
Your plans to move to another city

26. How can I wave goodbye
To the other half of my soul
How can I bid farewell to a person
Who plays such an important role
How can I give a send-off
To a piece of my own heart
From you, my dearest friend
I can never really be apart

27. It’s not yet time
To say adieu
It’s not that moment yet
To be forever blue
It’s not that period of life
To be woebegone
It is in fact that time
To wait for a new dawn
When we will meet again
And our paths will cross
When joy will be restored
And we will feel no loss
Until then I will hold on
And dearly hang on to
Our friendship’s memories
Is my promise to you…

28. As soon as you get there
Don’t forget to call
If you can’t find a payphone
Post on my Facebook wall
Don’t hurry yourself
Relax and take some rest
But once you are up and about
Put up some pictures on Pinterest
Tag me in a few tweets
If you’ve got Wi-Fi
Have a great time traveling
My friend… goodbye

29. Have an awesome trip
Miss me lots while you’re away
Send me tons of pictures
And cool selfies ever day
Forget all your worries
I’m here to take care of it all
Just enjoy each moment
Of your trip and have a ball
Don’t come back empty-handed
Bring me an amazing souvenir
I will be waiting eagerly
Just like always, right here

30. It is tough to say goodbye
Without heaving a painful sigh
It is painful to bid adieu
To such a dear friend like you
I wish your family wouldn’t move
Then we would continue to groove
But now that you are going away
I will miss you… day after day


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