30 Best Anniversary Poems for Parents


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1. When I think of love
I think of you, mom and dad
You are the best parents
I could have ever had
When I think of a happy life
I think of you, mom and dad
How you have always been cheery
I have never seen you sad
As your anniversary nears
I think of you, mom and dad
This sweet poem is with love
From your dearest lad

2. Your worth is more than that of gold
Which is known to everybody
You don’t need anniversaries
For proving that to anybody
Your love is more valuable
Than silver or platinum
For apart from being a cool couple
You both are parents simply awesome
Happy anniversary

3. Here’s to the best parents in the world
They are the reason I am here
It’s only because of them
That I have nothing to fear
Here’s hoping they get the best of life
As they celebrate their special day
I wish them both a happy anniversary
May their happiness never go away

4. Who said love doesn’t have an address
It stays at my mom and dad’s place
Who said no one knows how love looks
It’s all over my mom and dad’s face
Happy anniversary to the couple
Who falls in love again and again
Without you both in my life
Everything would be in vain

5. The only few words that come to mind
When I think of total happiness
Is the smiling picture of you both
Free of all sorrow and distress
The only visual that comes to mind
When I think of matrimony
Dear mom and dad, is you
And your beautiful journey
Happy anniversary

6. You both are the most loving parents on this planet
That is one thing I can bet
You have fulfilled every marital responsibility
And successfully reared a child like me
Now it is time to put your feet up and unwind
To relax and rejuvenate your bodies and mind
Have a happy anniversary as you go on your holiday
For your togetherness and happiness I will always pray

7. Dear mom and dad…
Even if it wasn’t
Your anniversary today
I would have said this
To you both anyway
With small actions in daily life
You have taught me
The real meaning and essence
Of celebrating an anniversary
You have the perfect family
Great kids and a lovely house
Feelings of inspiration
In me, you always rouse
Happy anniversary

8. Today is not just your anniversary
It is time’s ultimate testimony
That you were always meant for each other
Destined to be, my mother and father
As you commemorate this special day
There is something that I want to say
That apart from being the best husband and wife
You will always be the stars of my life
Happy anniversary

9. I wonder what keeps you both ticking
Even after so many years
Is there a magical formula
That keeps you both free of tears
I wish a happy anniversary
To the best parents ever
I hope you have great life ahead
Immersed in romance forever
Happy anniversary

10. We are so glad
That this day came
Into your lives after which
Nothing was ever the same
We are so happy
That it is because of this day
We came into this world
Paving happiness along the way
Although our reasons
To congratulate you seem selfish
Many more happy years of marriage
For you is what we wish
Happy anniversary

11. No celebration is big enough
For parents who have given me
Everything most precious in my life
Under the shade of their matrimony
No party that I ever throw
Will be able to match up to
The amazing parents that you both are
I wish a happy anniversary to you

12. To mom and dad…
I’m glad to celebrate
Your anniversary
If not for your union
There would be no me
Have an awesome time
Today and forever
Don’t do anything stupid
To let your ties sever
You are an awesome
And a fabulous couple
On this anniversary
May your happiness double

13. Bearers of good news
We have always been to you
This day being no different
It is full of happiness too
We want to remind you both
By pausing the rut of your life
That you aren’t just our parents
But also a wonderful husband and wife
Which is why you deserve a day off
From chores and responsibilities of the family
To enjoy a day by yourselves
And celebrate your anniversary

14. When a handsome and compassionate man
Marries a stunning and mature woman
What results is a relationship like yours
Filled with joy, happiness and lots of fun
What also happens consequently
As a life-changing side effect
Is that they bear beautiful children
Like us, who turn out to be perfect
Happy anniversary

15. The best part of your anniversary is
That there are lots of smiles all around
As the house gears up for a party
And gets decorated form ceiling to ground
As everyone raises their glasses
For a lovely couple’s toast
Let me also say
That I love you the most
Happy anniversary

16. I got you both a delicious cake
Soft, fluffy and gooey
Apart from looking good
It also tastes yummy
Made specially for you
I hope you like my treat
Like the love you two share
I hope the cake is just as sweet

17. Anniversaries will come and go
But you will always be the best married couple I know
Friends may leave or stay
But you will always be there show me the way
I hope you get everything you want
Although you both have enough to flaunt
I pray to God on your anniversary
That every kid in the world gets parents like me

18. When you came together
As husband and wife
You embarked on a journey
To share a wonderful life
When you both became
Father and mother
You decided to give me
A wonderful future
Let’s celebrate and enjoy
Such a beautiful family union
I wish you a happy anniversary
Hope you have lots of fun

19. Dear mom and dad…
You have no idea about
How happy I feel today
As I see you both together
I join my hands and pray
May no sorrow touch you
May no pain come near
May your life be a breeze
Full of happiness and cheer
Happy anniversary

20. Those who make for good couples
Don’t always make for good parents too
But one couple who is an exception
Mom and dad, that couple is you
You are not just amazing parents
But also an exceptional pair
Your best years of marriage ahead
With us, we want you to share
Happy anniversary

21. When I think of your anniversary celebrations
The only thing that comes to my mind
Is that a perfect couple like you
Should be sent away for a vacation to unwind
So please accept my token of love
It’s something small, but nice
It’s just two tickets to Hawaii
I hope that will suffice
Happy anniversary

22. Your lives and relationship have taught me a lot
That love and affection can’t be bought
I have learned how to trust
How to be fair, righteous and just
Where would I be without you both, I don’t know
Thanks for always being my shadow
My best wishes are with you on your anniversary
To have parents like you, I am extremely lucky

23. I consider myself so lucky
To have parents who share
Such a good chemistry
Of love, respect and care
When I think of my life
I feel nothing but happiness
Thank you both for making
Life’s journey so priceless
Happy anniversary

24. When I think of your anniversary celebrations
The only thing that comes to my mind
Is that a perfect couple like you
Should be sent away for a vacation to unwind
So please accept my token of love
It’s something small, but nice
It’s just two tickets to Hawaii
I hope that will suffice
Happy anniversary

25. Thanks for getting married
Thanks for becoming a couple
Thanks for giving me birth
I hope I make your happiness double
Happy anniversary to you both
Dear mom and dad
I have planned a beautiful celebration
Like something you have never had

26. A clandestine code
A secret magic potion
An indecipherable logic
A formula number one
We wonder what is it is
That makes you both tick
Your marriage is straight out
Of a lovely romantic flick
Happy anniversary

27. I know you want to spend time today
With each other without any interruption
But I will take just two minutes of your time
To make a sweet declaration
I love you for being my parents
And the kind of friends that you have been
Super cool mums and dads like you
I haven’t yet come across or seen
Have an awesome wedding anniversary
Rekindle your love for each other
As I bask away in the pride
Of having the world’s best father and mother

28. Dear mom and dad…
Just like how one piece
Fits the other one in a puzzle
You too are made for each other
An amazingly striking couple
Just like how one big block
Fits the other one in Lego
You fit each other’s lives perfectly
Is what I want you to know
Happy anniversary

29. Dear mom and dad…
Your married life is a great example
Of the sacrifices made by couples
Your married life has been so fine
It has aged gracefully like a vintage wine
Your married life has been full of care
To each other, you have always laid your hearts bare
Your married life has been perfect and ideal
It is an example of love which is pure and real
Happy anniversary

30. If anyone wants a definition
Of love, care or affection
They should think of you both without hesitation
Because you are love’s human incarnation
As we start your anniversary’s celebration
We take it is a confirmation
That you will always be each other’s reflection
And remain committed to each other with devotion
Happy anniversary



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