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1. I always seem to be singing against the grain.

2. Everybody loves playing against the best teams.

3. When I see an arrogant man, I see one less competitor.

4. Good actions are a guard against the blows of adversity.

5. To go against the grain is the secret of bravery.

6. Generally I’m against regulation.

7. Everyone has been discriminated against or harassed – sexism is real.

8. Everyone is at their best against the champions.

9. If God is for you, nothing can stand against you.

10. I always wanted to play against the best.

11. I am against all war.

12. Face it, the system is rigged, and it’s rigged against us.

13. If religion is against homosexuality, then it is against the will and happiness of people.

14. Against her ankles as she trod The lucky buttercups did nod.

15. I always thrive on wanting to play against the best.

16. I always wanted to go against hat grain because it was too restricting.

17. Winners never quit, and quitters never win. – Vince Lombardi

18. Government is waging war against the people.

19. I am absolutely against any violence.

20. I am strictly against remaking a movie.

21. Everything I do is rebellious. Sometimes even against myself.

22. I’m against torture. I’m also against terrorism.

23. I am against intervention by a foreign power against us.

24. Genius is the capacity for productive reaction against one’s training.

25. Daring is not safe against daring men.

26. I’m against spending money to record.

27. Right is what benefits a nation, even if it is against the will of the people.

28. I am against marriage, and I don’t give a fig for society.

29. Against Bermane Stiverne, they said he was going to be the toughest test, but I passed that with flying colours.

30. My opinion is I can get open against anybody.

31. The kind of love which makes us stand against everyone and defend a stranger is the strongest one.

32. I am against nationalists, but I am very much in favour of patriots.

33. All the world over, I will back the masses against the classes.

34. He who goes against the fashion is himself its slave.

35. I love you and I will stand on your side even if the whole world is against you.

36. Behind every successful flight, lies the will, full of thrust, against the wind; the will to win.

37. Faith certainly tells us what the senses do not, but not the contrary of what they see; it is above, not against them.

38. Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough. – Og Mandino

39. Fame is very corrosive and you have to guard very strictly against it.

40. All theory is against freedom of the will; all experience for it.

41. All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.

42. Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.

43. If a person is outside the sin zone, the devil is powerless against him.

44. Almost every move in the market is either a move to align with where Cisco is going or to align to compete against us or to utilize that technology.

45. Any time you got the Pope and the Dixie Chicks against you, your time is up.

46. Doing what’s right is no guarantee against misfortune.

47. Anybody against women, against the ERA, should never be voted into office again.

48. Anybody who has been discriminated against, who comes from a group that’s been discriminated against, knows what it’s like.

49. Anyone can run against me. I don’t care.

50. Don’t bang your head against the wall about what you can’t do.

51. Anything can be used for or against the welfare of women – or the welfare of anyone – depending on who controls it.

52. Don’t set your wit against a child.

53. Each generation has a backlash against the generation before.

54. Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.

55. Don’t be against things so much as for things.

56. Ecoterrorism is terrorism against the environment.

57. Environmental groups are not completely against dams. We approve of appropriate development.

58. Among leaders in Europe there are those who have prejudices against Turkey, like France and Germany.

59. Against stupidity the very gods themselves contend in vain.

60. England against France is such a massive match; you can’t get much bigger than that in European football.

61. Every time I touch the ball against Juve, it goes in.

62. Even crushed against his brother in the Tube the average Englishman pretends desperately that he is alone.

63. Even the wealth of the U.S. cannot protect against the levels of environmental destruction that we are unleashing.

64. Against each player, I will give 100 per cent. I give my best in every game.

65. Every author in some way portrays himself in his works, even if it be against his will.

66. Among the many arguments to be made against cultural revolutions is that they are monotonous in spirit and monomaniacal in intention.

67. Against Juventus we were massive underdogs, so to beat them was fantastic.

68. Against logic there is no armor like ignorance.

69. Ever since I can remember, I played better against bigger players on bigger courts.

70. Every award for me is important because it means a slap against militarism and fascism in Indonesia.

71. Every painting I do is related to the last one: it may be a continuation of a previous painting or it may be a reaction against it.

72. An alliance of civilisations can be our most powerful weapon in the fight against terror.

73. A considerable number of persons are able to protect themselves against the outbreak of serious neurotic phenomena only through intense work.

74. Dear sisters and brothers, I am not against anyone.

75. Demarcus Cousins, he can move. With his size, he can really use his size on the perimeter against anybody.

76. That’s what I want to do when I get to the league.

77. Loyalty is standing on someone’s side even if their actions are against your will.

78. Democracy is now going forth on a crusade against imperialism.

79. Every generation revolts against its fathers and makes friends with its grandfathers.

80. Democrats need to define themselves – not what they’re against or who they’re against, but we have got to define ourselves with what we’re for.

81. Derogatory against women – it seems that Trump is not too keen about having women around him, maybe except for his wife and daughter.

82. Discrimination against Jews can be read in Thomas Aquinas, and insults against Jews in Martin Luther.

83. A decision as a backbencher to vote against one’s party ought not to be taken lightly.

84. Anytime you’re the first to speak out against something, there’s going to be a backlash.

85. Anywhere in Latin America there is a potential threat of the pathology of caudillismo and it has to be guarded against.

86. Are we fighting too many wars? And I would say no. We’re fighting one war. And it’s a war against radical Islamic Jihad.

87. Argentina against Brazil is the most important derby between national teams.

88. An idea can turn to dust or magic, depending on the talent that rubs against it.

89. As a Canadian, we are sort of inherently built with an unshakable humility that at times can work against you.

90. Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.

91. All my life I’ve been prejudiced against wealthy people.

92. Art is a revolt against fate. All art is a revolt against man’s fate.

93. And I coached against Mike when he was an assistant with the Bears and they won that football game.

94. Answerest thou nothing? Behold how many things they witness against thee.

95. Any father whose son raises his hand against him is guilty of having produced a son who raised his hand against him.

96. I have the right to remain violente. Everything I say can and will be used against you.

97. Any pigeonhole is something to be rebelled against.

98. Any player would want to be involved in games against Argentina.

99. Against the bold, daring is unsafe.

100. A love of nature is a consolation against failure.

111. All government, of course, is against liberty.

112. You know who is for you and against you when you confront.

113. All my brothers were skinny with a gut. Bone-thin with a bit of a pooch. That’s what I fight against.

114. Airport security exists to guard us against terrorist attacks.

115. All of us should be on guard against beliefs that flatter ourselves. At the very least, we should check such beliefs against facts.

116. All presidents rail against the press. It goes with the turf.

117. As a social justice lawyer, I started marches against Trump here in Detroit.

118. We are not often against the evils, only because our enemies are against them.

119. As a comedian, you have everything working against you.

120. Pondering over your actions is a practical way of helping yourself in the battle against sin.

121. As a government employee, you can’t testify against the government.

122. As an investigative filmmaker, I helped expose atrocities committed by ISIS against women and girls. They are evil, and we have to stop them.

123. As a practicing Catholic, I am shocked that the Catholic League is speaking out against my PETA ads, which I am very proud of.

124. And Louis Freeh was a completely dysfunctional FBI Director, who was actually waging his own private war against the Clinton Administration.

125. As a winger, you want to get at defenders and make it hard for them. Instead of them going forwards, they have to defend against you.

126. A good wrist spinner is a good wrist spinner against any opposition.

127. All the Federal Reserve can do is make loans against collateral.

128. A man convinced against his will is not convinced.

129. As I get older I tend to rail against the world more and more.

130. As cyberweapons and cyberattacks increase in scale and intensity, it will be difficult to defend against them all.

131. As far as the charge against me is concerned I have a clear conscience.

132. Before I was an actor I was an apprentice jockey, and now I’m out there racing against boys, sort of the spokesperson for people over 50 that they can do it.

133. Being a dandy is a condition rather than a profession. It is a defense against suffering and a celebration of life.

134. Berkeley hackers liked to see themselves as rebels against soulless corporate empires.

135. Betting against entrepreneurs who are changing the world has never been a profitable endeavor.

136. Bill Belichick makes it real easy for you to root against the Patriots.

137. Bill Clinton championed discriminatory laws against formerly incarcerated people that have kept millions of Americans locked in a cycle of poverty and desperation.

138. As for myself, I was never against Russia.

139. A lot of times you come against actors who come from a different direction, and you tend to meet in the middle.

140. As governor of Indiana, if I were presented a bill that legalized discrimination against any person or group, I would veto it.

141. Black holes can bang against space-time as mallets on a drum and have a very characteristic song.

142. A man is not primarily a witness against something. That is only incidental to the fact that he is a witness for something.

143. A man with money is no match against a man on a mission.

144. At first, the tornado is nearly invisible. Against the sky, it’s white on white.

145. As the global expansion of Indian and Chinese restaurants suggests, xenophobia is directed against foreign people, not foreign cultural imports.

146. At every future election, there should be a slot, at the top of each ballot paper, in which we can put a cross against ‘None of the below.’

143 As sisters in Zion, we can be obstacles to the adversary’s conspiracy against families and virtue.

144. Brethren, it is easier to declaim against a thousand sins of others, than to mortify one sin in ourselves.

146. Britain must lead in Europe to intensify the fight against global terrorism and make our country safer.

147. Brussels’ stance against Poland is not just… they should give more respect to the Poles.

148. Bulgaria is the first state that has been awarded for its excellent fight against iodine deficiency by UNICEF.

149. At most contests now, skaters are judged against themselves.

150. A merger is hard to pull off under any circumstances. It’s harder when everybody is against you.

151. At the Imperial Conference on December 1, it was decided to make war against England and the United States.

152. At the same time as we clearly condemn actions of violence by groups in Palestinian against Israel.

153. Baseball was socially relevant, and so was my rebellion against it.

154. But courage which goes against military expediency is stupidity, or, if it is insisted upon by a commander, irresponsibility.

155. But I’m very thankful that no one is slamming my head against the wall anymore.

156. But the courts have dismissed the lawsuits against me and Lee Brown.

157. A plant-based diet is like a one-stop shop against chronic diseases.

158. Beefs against debt collectors are consistently among the top complaints received by both the FTC and state attorneys general.

159. Cabinet spouses are not allowed to lobby other Cabinet members. It’s against the rules.

160. Cable and satellite businesses are competing against fixed-line telephone companies and wireless companies.

161. Capitalist systems function less well without state protection of investors, lenders, and companies against monopoly, deception, and fraud.

162. Career highlights? I had two – I got an intentional walk from Sandy Koufax and I got out of a rundown against the Mets.

163. Chances are the movements of the euro as against the dollar will be relatively moderate.

164. Actually… I’m starting a new thing and rebelling against ridiculously high heels. It’s inhumane.

165. After Barbarossa and Pearl Harbor, the war tide slowly turned against the Axis.

166. Comparison is an act of violence against the self.

167. Concentrate your strengths against your competitor’s relative weaknesses.

168. Again, I don’t hold it against somebody if they don’t know who I am – I don’t know who a lot of people are.

169. Against any team, confidence is crucial.

170. A number of analysts have observed that although bin Laden was finally killed, he won some major successes in his war against the U.S.

171. Coffee is already known to be a preventive factor against mild depression, Parkinson’s disease, and colon and rectal cancers.

172. A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.

173. Consideration of any kind are a crime against the German people and the soldier at the front.

174. Credulity is belief in slight evidence, with no evidence, or against evidence.

175. Crime against the individual is the equivalent of crime against humanity.

176. A temporary reduction in tax rates on individual incomes can be a powerful weapon against recession.

178. Actually, I really wanted to play against Venus because I have so much respect for both Serena and Venus.

179. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

180. Crime butchers innocence to secure a throne, and innocence struggles with all its might against the attempts of crime.

181. Critics always get the lyrics wrong in reviews, which is amusing – especially when they use them against you.

182. Nothing reduces the odds against you like ignoring them.

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