7 Tips That Can Save You From Coronavirus


Coronavirus is a type of germ, a virus that can cause people to have a cold. So, runny nose, cough, and in some people it can cause some more severe symptoms like trouble breathing so, coronavirus is just a name for a family of viruses. Coronavirus is spreading quickly around the world and everyone is talking about it. Here are some basic ways to protect yourself against it.



Here are the top 7 helpful tips that can save you from the deadly Corona Virus:

1. Wash Your Hands:






There are several simple ways to protect yourself from respiratory viruses. You need to wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

2. Cut Your Travel:

Cut Your Travel

Protect your family well this is an infectious disease so my first piece of advice is if there is an infection and there’s a lot of cases around is to stay at home as much as possible and avoid busy places. This is particularly important with this virus.

3. Use Hand Sanitizer

Use Hand Sanitizer

Don’t forget to dry your hands properly using hand sanitizer also helps but experts agree that hand washing is better.

4. Wear A Mask:

Wear A Mask

It’s very important to use masks correctly before putting on a mask make sure you have clean hands and avoid touching the inside of the mask cover your mouth and nose with the mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask as soon as the mask is them replace it with a new one. If you are seeing someone who is sneezing or coughing then really you should be donning one of these n95 or p2 masks.

5. Cover Your Nose and Mouth while Sneezing:

Cover Your Nose

During sneezing and coughing make sure to use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth and after that throw the tissue in the dustbin. Also, keep in mind, Don’t throwing the tissue near to the animal. The animal can spread the infection.

6. Social Distance

Social Distance

You need to maintain at least that one-meter space from someone who is sneezing or coughing. Particles from their nose or mouth is contagious if you are too close then you may catch the virus in the novel.

7. Eat Healthy:

Eat Healthy

We need to take precautions and stay healthy. Despite taking all measures, if you find infected, don’t worry. Your body can easily fight the virus if you take the right type of food and take right exercise. If you are Covid positive, then you should take certain food to boost your immunity and overcome the weakness.


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