10 Tips for Video Interviews During COVID-19


Due to the pandemic situation today most of the interviews are taken online. Coronavirus ​has forced recruiters to hire remotely by the way of virtual interviews​. While it may seem intimidating at first, remote interviews aren’t too different from personal interviews. In fact on the upside, candidates get to showcase themselves from the comfort of their homes.

Read this article very carefully if you are going to face an online interview on zoom or any other platform these tips will help you to face the interview confidently and to get the dream job.  

Tips for Remote Interviews

10 Tips which will help you to give Interview Confidently

Due to the pandemic, everyone is online and most of us don’t know how to face online interviews so all these tips are very important. They may sound very simple but they are very important before facing any online interview.

1. Good Internet Connection

The first tip has a good internet connection. A very good internet connection connects to the Wi-Fi connection. It is going in a strategic place where good net connectivity is there so first of all check your internet connection and use the appropriate service provider.

2. Charge it up

The second point, Check the battery of your mobile or laptop if there’s a power failure there should not be any problem so check your batteries. You should not get in trouble. They will reconnect you but again the momentum is lost you get nervous you get disturbed to be careful about that.

3. Familiar with Software

The third tip is being familiar with zoom software or any other software. Most of us are not very familiar with the software. You should check all the functions of any software which you want to use before your Interview. And make sure to run a thorough camera and microphone test.

4. Check Your Environment

The four tips are to sit in a quiet place there should not be any noise. Now we are sitting at home and we know that at home, we have family members. There so sit in a quiet place no one should disturb you. So tell your family members not to disturb you and also check no one is behind in the frame of the camera.

5. Dress for Success

The dressing is very important so do not come casually in front of your camera. It’s advised to wear formal clothing for a virtual interview.

6. Don’t Change your Place

Do not move once you sit in an interview do not move around do not change your place and one more thing it may happen that don’t have any coffee or tea because you are sitting at home. This gives a very bad impression that you are not taking this interview very seriously.

7. Be Punctual

Start your software 10 minutes early than the given time. They should not wait for you. It gives a bad impression if you are late.

8. Be a well-prepared Early

Print a copy of your resume and your cover letter. That way if they have any questions about something on it, you can reference your hard copy rather than trying to pull up a digital copy on your screen. So print out any questions that you have for them or write them down and keep some blank paper or notepad and a pen for any notes that you want to take during the interview.

9. Good Eye Contact

The next point is to look at the camera while speaking now what happens is most of the people are not familiar with the camera. Eye contact is more impotent during the interview. When he is speaking then looks at him what he is saying but when you are talking to him then looks at the camera. Eye to eye contact means the person feels like you are talking to him.

10. First Impression 

Start with a smile and an appropriate greeting like good morning sir my name is XYZ. Don’t let that one tiny mistake bog you down. Most importantly, be yourself! So go for it and get that job.


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