30 Heart Touching I Am Sorry Poems for Boyfriend


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1. To my charms
You will have to succumb
From my magic
You won’t remain numb
From my allure
You simply cannot escape
At my beauty
You cannot cease to gape
Being cross with me
Is not going to work out
I will turn you around
I know without a doubt

2. Sorry for being in denial
Sorry for being defiant
Sorry for being so rigid
Sorry being so adamant
Sorry for being so difficult
Sorry for being so severe
To apologize to you
Darling, I am here

3. I am not saying sorry
Just for its sake
To make you happy again
All efforts I will make
My apology is genuine
Don’t think of it as fake
I’ll keep begging for forgiveness
No matter how long it takes

4. Fights and arguments happen
Because of differences in opinion
Quarrels and squabbles take place
But this can be just a phase
Verbal battles too ensue
Couples devoid of it are few
But this is a part of the game
On me, don’t put the blame
Let’s understand each other
And decide to fight never

5. I will be your assistant
I will act as per your wishes
I will do as you say
And shower you with kisses
I will do everything it takes
To make you happy
Can’t you see how sorry I am
Please forgive me

6. For all my silliness
I am to blame
I don’t know how
I could be so lame
For all my mistakes
I am responsible
I should have been
More dependable
I am sorry for having
Hurt you like this
Let me make it up
With a hug and a kiss

7. I am sorry I lied
For that, I have cried
I have behaved badly
It’s been looming large on me
I accept have been rash
My actions have been brash
There is something I want to do
Ask for forgiveness from you

8. I don’t know what I have done
To upset you to such a degree
I don’t know which fault of mine
Has made you so cross with me
I can’t understand why
You are ignoring me so much
I am shocked why you haven’t
Been keeping in touch
I am sorry for making
You feel so low and down
I am sorry for putting
On your face, an ugly frown

9. To make up for my mistake
That has hurt your heart
I want to refresh
And give myself a restart
Please give me forgiveness
For my stupidity
This won’t happen again
I am really sorry

10. I can see on your face
A streak of pain
I can see how I am
Driving you insane
I can see how tears
Have left so many stains
I promise to never
Hurt you again
Not a shard of remorse
Will ever remain
I know my apology
Will not be in vain

11. I am sorry baby
I didn’t mean to hurt you
It’s just that I don’t
Think the way you do
Please treat this as
A difference in opinion
For drifting us apart
Let this not be a reason

12. I can never think of
Cheating behind your back
Of flirting with other boys
I do not have the knack
I can never think of
Doing things to make us fight
I promise that I will
Set everything right
I wasn’t in my right mind
When I behaved inappropriately
Please don’t misunderstand
My love and my loyalty
I am sorry

13. Until you tell me that it is okay
I will suffer every single day
Until you tell me that it is alright
I won’t be able to sleep at night
Until you decide to forgive me
I will forever keep saying sorry
I am sorry

14. I have many times said sorry
I have sent you a lovely apology
But you haven’t responded even once
Now I can’t bear your silence
Please reply from wherever you are
Light up my life like a shining star
Until then I will pray with all my might
For everything between us to become alright

15. I am sorry
Is not enough
What I did
Was really rough
I’ll pay a price
For my little bluff
Please don’t make
This more tough

16. Since you are the best
I know you’ll forgive me
Because you are so perfect
I’m sure you won’t be angry
Since you are the most kind
You’ll understand what I say
I know that you will not
Ignore what I have to convey
It’s because you’re so precious
I apologize with all my heart
Let me begin a new day
With a fresh new start

17. I want to apologize to you
In every way possible
I want to make it up to you
On the double
I want to see you happy
As soon as I can
Giving you hugs and kisses
Is the first step of my plan
I am sorry

18. I never meant to
Go through your emails
My silly insecurities
Made me weak and frail
I never intended to
Look through your Facebook
But my jealousy
Forced me to take a look
I so sorry for being
Acting like such a kid
I can understand why
You are so livid

19. I was in a bad mood
Please, just let it go
I didn’t mean to hurt you
Is what I want you to know
My anger wasn’t meant for you
But you became the target
My immature behavior
I hope you forgive and forget

20. I am ready to say sorry
Do anything that you please
To make you smile wide
As if you were saying cheese
I’m ready to do everything
To reverse what I have done
For I want that guy back
Who used to laugh and have fun

21. I want you to know
That I am ashamed
For what has happened
I am to be blamed
I want you to know
That my silly white lie
Has been a terrible mistake
It has made me cry
Wipe out this incident
From your memory
I want your forgiveness
I am really very sorry

22. Today I will make use of
A promise you once gave me
You said I could ask for anything
Whatever it may be
I am asking for your forgiveness
Along with hugs and kisses
I hope you will keep your word
And fulfill these wishes
I am sorry

23. I wonder what will make you laugh
I wonder what will make you smile
I have been trying to make it up
To you for quite a while
I wonder what I can attempt
I wonder what I can do
To make you forgive
And bring back the original you

24. Dull, gloomy and sad
My life right is quite bad
Boring, desolate and dark
My life has lost all spark
Miserable, lost and lonely
This is what remains of me
My only way to redemption
Is to beg for your pardon
I am sorry

25. Sorry for the hurt
That I have given you
My apologies are now
Highly overdue
Sorry for the pain
That I have caused
I am the reason
Our lives have paused
I surrender to you
Punish me all you want
Hurt me back if you please
Or throw me a nasty taunt
Do anything as long as
It makes you forgive me
I don’t think I can give
A more meaningful apology

26. I have been stupid
Not to mention silly
For hiding the truth
I am so sorry
I exceeded my limits
I pushed the boundary
For lying to you
This is my apology

27. I had forgiven you earlier
Now it is your turn
Let go of what I did
Don’t let my heart burn
I stepped in your shoes
When I had to understand you
Now you need to step into mine
Please understand me too

28. I know I have
Been loud and cranky
Which is the reason
You aren’t happy
I know I did
Behave stupidly
But I still want you
To hug me lovingly
I know I will
Stop you from being angry
After all I am
Your sweetie

29. Please stop being so angry
On me, stop showering your fury
Please quit being so cross
My life has gone for a total toss
Please refrain from misunderstanding
Our lives, it is further complicating
I won’t take you for granted
None of this for us, I’ve ever wanted

30. I love you a lot
Because you are so sweet
Having you as my boyfriend
Is my life’s biggest treat
I am crazy about you
Because you are so cool
For lying to you that day
I was a complete fool
Since I have shown you
So much flattery
I hope that you accept
My cute little apology


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