40 Top Funny Quotes on Attitude


Here below we have added 40 funny quotes about attitude. Do check them out!

40 Funny Quotes about Attitude

1. Don’t give me your attitude, unless you want mine.

2. My life, my rules so, keep your nose out of my business!!!

3. Your attitude may hurt me, but mine can even kill you.

4. I’m not lazy, I’m just on my energy saving mode.

5. She’s thinking! Everyone run for your life.

6. When killing them with kindness doesn’t work, Try a basketball bat. Results may vary.

7. When I’m quiet, those that don’t know me look at me and think I’m shy. People who know me think: OMG!

8. I hate it when you have to be nice to something you really want to throw a brick at.

9. Girls are like abstract painting, even though you can’t understand them, they are still beautiful.

10. If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

11. Apparently I have an attitude. Who knew!

12. You never know what you have until.. You clean your room.

13. Society is funny. They ask you to be yourself and yet they judge you.

14. I stopped fighting my inner demons. We’re on the same side now.

15. I don’t have an attitude problem. You have a perception problem and that’s not my problem.

16. Minds are like parachutes – they only function when open.

17. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

18. If you’re talking about me behind my back that just means my life is obviously more interesting than yours.

19. The longer the title the less important the job.

20. I may look calm. But in my head I’ve killed you about 5 times.

21. I’m smiling. That alone should scare you…

22. I would like to apologize to anyone. I have not yet offended. Please be patient. I will get back to you shortly.

23. Eat right, exercise, die anyway.

24. I love everybody. Some I love to be around, Some I love to avoid and others I would love to punch in the face.

25. Never get into fights with ugly people, they have nothing to lose.

26. Our phone fall, we panic. Our friends fall, we laugh.

27. My alarm clock is clearly jealous of my amazing relationship with my bed.

28. I’m having technical difficulties with my attitude today. I apologize for my inconvenience this may cause you. Avoidance is suggested for safety.

29. I am not perfect, but I am limited edition.

30. People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.

31. Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.

32. A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You can’t go anywhere until you change it.

33. If you’re arguing with a woman and she says “wow” you’re done…abort the argument immediately.

34. I’m actually a nice person…Until you piss me off.

35. Just remember that if you fall I will be there to pick you up. As soon as I finish laughing.

36. God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world…then he made the world round and laughed and laughed…

37. It’s funny, how when I am loud, people tell me to be quiet. But when I am Quiet, People ask me what’s wrong with me.

38. The elevator to success is out of order. You’ll have to use the stairs… one step at a time.

39. The possible is just the impossible that we’ve come to accept.

40. Sometimes I pretend to be normal but it gets boring so; I go back to being me.

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