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Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

1. Dad today is a very special day for me because it is the day of your birthday, and days like today were very happy because we all joined that day to celebrate, now that you are in heaven we remember you and miss you so much, happy Dad’s birthday.

2. Heaven is happy today because it is the day of your birthday, and down here we are happy because we know you are very well next to the heavenly Father, protect us always Dear dad, happy birthday.

3. Even if you have departed from this world from the heavens you can see me and listen to me, I can feel you in the depths of my heart and remember all the happy birthdays that we spend next to you. Your smile is not erased from my mind, happy birthday.

4. Dear Dad, I know that from up there you hear me and you know everything that I miss you and that you do not want sadness to invade my heart on this day that is your birthday, so with a big smile I tell you that I want to have a happy day.

5. I know that your body has left this world, but I also know that your soul is always close to me and your love lives inside my heart so today, it is your birthday I want to remind you of the joy you had when you blew your candles, happy birthday dad in heaven.

6. A day like today you came to this world and you did it a little better because you were an amazing person who everyone loved a lot, I thank heaven for giving me a Father like you, happy birthday dear Dad.

7. From here I’m going to shout at the top of my lungs Happy birthday Dad, so you can hear me there in heaven and know that you are in my heart and I have not forgotten you even a second of my life.

8. Many years ago you came to this world to fulfill your part in God’s plan and you did it in a wonderful way, that is why you are now back on God’s side. We all love you very much and we miss you, happy birthday.

9. I suffered a lot when you left my side, but now I am better, today is a magical day because we celebrated the day you came to this world and thanks to that you could be my Father, happy birthday Dad, I know you are close to me.

10. You taught me to fight and to be a better person, to believe in my dreams and fulfill them, that’s why even though you’re not with me I follow your advice, thanks Dad for making me who I am now, and this special day I want to wish you a happy birthday from the earth.

11. Today I will take a breath and I will scream with all my strength this birthday message so that from the heavens you can listen to me and know that I always have you present in my life. Happy birthday.

12. In the heavens today is a holiday because it is your birthday and we accompany you from here and we do it with great joy remembering all the happy moments we have, that you have a happy birthday dad.

13. A day like today we always did everything to see you very happy, now that you are up there I hope that when you see us all together and remembering you too, we will be all together again soon and we will be able to give you a hug and tell you Happy Birthday Dad.

14. Beloved father, I know that you can hear me and see me and you feel how much I need you. I also know from heaven you still want the best for me and you want to see me happy this day, the day of your birthday, so from here I send you a hug and I wish you a happy birthday.

15. This day means a lot to me because it is the day when you turn years and I remember how we met as a family to pay tribute to you and celebrate. We miss you so much and your memory always accompanies us, happy birthday dad in heaven.

Happy Birthday Dad In Heaven Quotes From Daughter

16. Happy birthday dad in heaven, even though you are not here, we are celebrating it because you were wonderful. We know that today you are on the side of the Lord and we hope that one day we will see each other again. I feel very proud to be your son, I love you very much.

17. Beloved Dad, I wish you a happy birthday wherever you are. Life is difficult without your company, I want you to talk to you and ask for advice. I want you to know that I love you very much because you were an excellent Father. I can never forget you.

18. On this day that would be one more year of your birth, we feel very sad about not having you with us. It is not easy to resign ourselves not to see you again, I would like all this to be a nightmare, but I know that it is not so. God called you to his side and all that remains is to accept His holy will. We send you a big hug Daddy.

19. I remember the happiness that radiated on your face when we celebrated your birthday and I want you to feel so happy today in heaven, I know that someday we will meet again and we will be together again. Happy birthday to my dad in heaven.

20. The day you left was very hard for all of us because sadness invaded us but we already feel calmer and on this day your memory fills us with joy because today is your birthday. I thank you so much for being my father, that you have a happy birthday.

21. You always made an effort to make me a better person, that’s why you taught me not to give up forever and to always fight for my ideals. Thank you, Dad, for making me what I am today. I want to wish you with all my heart a happy birthday dad in heaven.

22. Happy birthday dad in heaven. I still can not accept that you’ve left forever. No matter how many years pass, you will continue to miss me because you were my best friend. I love you and I will always love you.

23. The sadness I feel for your death will never be erased. On this day that we would celebrate one more year of your name day, we have gathered to remember you, Dad. You were always a wonderful man, you taught us a lot with your example, you had many virtues and very few defects. We hope you are by the Lord’s side and give us the comfort we need to overcome your departure.

24. On days like this, many memories of the wonderful moments we enjoy together come to my mind. My childhood was very happy because you did everything to see me smile. I have to thank you for everything you have given me and promise you once again that I will be a daughter that you would feel proud of. I love you so much Dad, you have a happy birthday.

25. If today you were among us, we would celebrate one more year of your life, but unfortunately, you were Dad. Knowing that you are in heaven comforts us, but that does not eliminate sadness. I hope that from up there you are seeing us, we love you very much and the emptiness that you left will never be filled by anyone.

26. I would like you to be with me on this day to be able to give you a hug and wish you all the best for your name day. Since you left nothing has been the same, sometimes a great melancholy invades my soul and it is not easy to move forward. Dad, you’re always going to need me, I hope that when God calls me by his side I can see you again.

27. The Lord knows the pain that is in my heart because even today, after so many years, I still miss you, my Father. It is very sad to think that today you would fulfill another year of life, but you are no longer in this world. Your children will always remember you with a lot of love and we will do everything as long as you feel proud of us. We send you a big hug wherever you are.

Happy Birthday Dad In Heaven Messages

28. Sometimes I can feel as if you are by my side, protecting me from all danger and comforting me in sad moments, it is as if you had become my guardian angel. My beloved dad, I miss you so much and I wish you very happy birthday to my dad in heaven.

29. You left me so many beautiful memories where your love, your love and your dedication to me, have always been present and I thank you very much. My dear father, to heaven I want to send you this greeting on your birthday.

30. Although I know I miss you so much, I know that God considered that you had already fulfilled your mission in this world and that is why he called you back. My dear dad, I love you so much and even the heavens I want to send you this message with all my love and happy birthday to my dad in heaven.

31. Happy birthday, my beloved dad! I know that from heaven you keep accompanying us all and that you try to protect us and give us the best because your love is eternal and knows no barriers. I miss you so much.

32. Your example of life continues to be an inspiration for many people, but especially for me because you were a very loving father who made great efforts and sacrifices so that we would not need anything. Until heaven, I want to send you this message to wish you a happy birthday.

33. On this day of your birthday, I feel your absence more than ever dear Father. I know you are in heaven and from there candles for all of us, however, I can not help but feel sadness. I will never forget your teachings, I love you and I will always love you.

34. I still often dream of you and I feel like you have never left my side. My dear father, I know that you are in the kingdom of God, but from there you continue to send us your love. Happy birthday dad in heaven.

35. Many congratulations on your birthday dad. I would like so much that today you are with us and make us feel so happy. You were an excellent Dad and I am very proud of you. You will forever remain alive in my memory.

36. Dear father, until the last day of your life you taught me to fight for everything I want in this world and you have left me the most valuable example of life, that is why I will strive so that you always feel very proud of me. Happy birthday dad in heaven!

37. It took me a lot of work to accept your sudden departure from this world, but now I feel that you are still living in me and every time I remember one of your advice or the example you gave me, it is as if you were by my side. Happy birthday, my beloved dad!

38. You left this world untimely, but you have never left me alone because, in the moments of greatest sadness and difficulty I have faced, I have been able to feel your presence and your support. My beloved dad, I send you this message to heaven, wishing you a happy birthday.

39. Dear dad, your memory continues more current than ever and that’s why on this day, in which we would celebrate your birthday, I want to dedicate these words to you with all my love.

40. Happy birthday, my cute daddy! I will never forget those beautiful moments that I shared with you and not your good advice because they have helped me to become a good woman and overcome my problems. Thank you for always being by my side.

41. I miss you too much since that day when God called you back to his presence, but I know that you are enjoying the eternal glory and that you are still watching us from heaven. Happy birthday, my dear dad!

42. It was very difficult for me to accept your departure, but I know that from heaven you are still accompanying us and that you take care of us whenever you can. I will never forget you, let alone those beautiful moments shared together. Dear Dad, I wish you a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven From Son

43. Today is the birthday of the best father in the world. Happy birthday, dad in heaven! Whenever I think about the days we’ve shared together, I smile. I miss the laugh we had together. You are the one for whom I always feel love and gratitude. Miss you dad!

44. My dear dad, you are gone from the world and I feel that the big piece of my heart is missing. Today is the day you born and I would like to hug you and want to say how much I love you.

45. I am sending all my love to my dear father today, on what would’ve been his birthday. Happy birthday, dad. You’re the brightest star in the sky.

46. Dear dad, after you’ve gone, I didn’t only lose my father, I lost a friend also. You taught me everything that is needed to become a good human being. Today is your birthday but you are no longer with us. Happy birthday in heaven, dad! You will be remembered with much love not only today but every day of my life.

47. My dear dad, I still feel strange when I think that, you are dead. The time that we spent together has now become a memory. I wish you could feel our love and hug. Wish you to have a wonderful birthday with all the angels in heaven!

48. Today I am wishing a happy birthday to my hero, my best friend and all-time idol. I hope you’re keeping well up there in heaven, dad.

49. It’s true that God takes the good people in heaven quickly from the earth and that’s why you’ve left us early. I’ll never forget the learning that you had given me. I wish we would celebrate this day together.

50. My beloved dad, happy birthday! Do you know that my heart had broken when your heart had stopped beating? You were the most important part of my life. I loved you dearly when you were alive and will love you forever. I miss you very much!

51. Today is your birthday dad, and this day has become a day of nostalgia since you left. I miss the days I walk with you by holding your hands, the days we celebrated together, the days I found you by my side. May you be at peace with God!

52. You always gave the warmest hugs and knew exactly what to say to cheer me up. I’ll always remember your wise words. Happy birthday, pappa.

53. Happy birthday in heaven, dear dad! You were my strength and my superhero. The hole of my heart will never be filled. I know, one day, we’ll be together again but until then you’ll be missed.

54. Happy birthday, dad! I wish you were alive to celebrate this special day! May the wind of heaven be blown smoothly and whisper to your ears to tell you that I love you and miss you.

55. Happy birthday in heaven, dad! You were the one who advised me, guided me and did everything for the welfare of my life. You may not be here with me today but you are in my heart and will always remain there.

56. Happy birthday to the greatest man that ever lived: my father. Sending the sweetest birthday wishes up to you in heaven today.

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