80 Famous Good Morning Status, Wishes in English


Good Morning Status: Having a real good morning is the base for a good day. Consequently starting your morning with a good mood is half the victory for the start of a good day. Therefore if the alarm clock drives you insane in the mornings, you need to establish a regime of your own to provide a real good morning and to have a great day. This is not an easy, but possible task if you actually want to have real nice mornings.

The first thing you do in the mornings after you dress and wash up is greeting your family. Further, you greet your neighbors, classmates, or colleagues on your way to school or the workplace. And there are certainly special people you anticipate to wish a good morning and a good start of a day. If you want to be original with your morning status, just visit us! Here you can find all the best good morning status to your friends for each new day! Just post them into your friend’s Facebook wall and start your mornings with us!

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Good Morning Status

1. Life never gives you a second chance. So, enjoy every bit of it. Why not start with this beautiful morning. Good morning!

2. Something special awaits you each day All you need is to recognize it and make the most of it Have a positive attitude throughout the day and I am Sure for you that Today is Going To Be a Great Day! Good Morning!

3. Set Goals that will make you jump out of bed in the morning.

4. Well, who needs a sunrise when I have you by my side. You are the sunrise I would always want to wake up by seeing you. Good morning!

5. Judge nothing, you will be happy. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest. Good Morning.

6. May Love and Laughter brighten up your day and warm your heart, May peace and contentment bless your life with the joy that endures ever season. Have an awesome day. Good Morning!

7. Life is not about the past, Life is not about the future, Life is about the present, Life is about today, So have a nice day, Good morning!

8. True love doesn’t just fill your heart, it overflows into your whole body and soul.

9. Good morning honey, you have always been the best part of the morning. To cuddle in your arms and wake up, I love you!

10. Don’t treat people as bad as they are, Treat them as good as you are.

11. I add a pinch of your smile to my morning coffee, and it tastes heavenly.
Good Morning my Goddess.

12. There is no better feeling of happiness than when you are happy because you made someone else happy. It’s simply the best feeling in the world. Good Morning.

13. Wake you each day & be thankful for life. Good Morning!

14. Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive. Good Morning!

15. A new morning is like an empty canvas on which you can spill innumerable colors of imagination. Good morning!

16. To my motivator and my inspiration to wake up in the morning, its just you. Morning sunshine, I love you!

17. Every day is a Fresh Start. Wake up with a grateful heart.

18. The secret of happiness is just this. Positive mind. Positive vibes, Positive Life. Stay Positive and Have an Awesome day. Good Morning.

19. Your glittering smile and extremely charming face are all I need to make my morning time an unforgettable affair.

20. Sending you sunny smiles and happy thoughts to brighten your morning.

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Good Morning Status Love

21. Good morning to the most beautiful woman ever. Keep radiating your charm and happiness like that in my life.

22. Sunrises are the best; enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with yourself because this day is yours, good morning! Have a wonderful day ahead.

23. There is nothing more precious in this world than Gratitude. It is the root of all happiness in your life. Good Morning.

24. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.

25. A bad day will always have a good morning, hope all your worries are gone and everything you wish could find a place. Good morning!

26. A great end may not be decided but a good creative beginning can be planned and achieved. Good morning, have a productive day!

27. May the rays from the beautiful sun sprinkle on your way opportunities that will lead you to achieve your aspirations. Good morning, pal!

28. You are the espresso of my dull and not so happening morning. Very good morning buttercup!

29. Hope is the secret ingredient to get everything going your way in life. Never lose hope and everything will just turn out to be fine. Have a beautiful day. Good Morning.

30. Having a sweet morning, a cup of coffee, a day with your loved ones is what sets your “Good Morning” have a nice day!

31. Life becomes much easier when you realize that you can’t have everything “permanent” in a “temporary” life. Have a beautiful day. Good Morning.

32. Begin this morning with optimism and you shall annihilate all the worries and problems of yesterday. Keep thinking positive and your day shall be as bright as the sun. Have a wonderful day!

33. If you want to gain health and beauty, you should wake up early. Good morning!

34. Waking up beside you in our beautiful dream house and having a cup of coffee is like a shot of the movie, I love you. Good morning honey!

35. Good morning sweetheart, hope you have an amazing day ahead and enjoy every bit of the work you do, I love you!

36. Today isn’t just another new day. It is another extraordinary opportunity to morph your dreams into reality. Good morning!

37. Sometimes we simply need to arise and spare a moment to think about, how incredible it is to simply be alive – to be able to breathe, feel, think, and love. Good Morning.

38. I like sunrises more than sunsets, they make me dream about us all day. Good Morning baby!

39. Another day, loads of opportunities to fulfill your dreams. I wish you a very cheerful and energetic good morning. Have a great day ahead!

40. You are a strong and talented soul. Allow nothing to stop you from achieving your aspirations in life. I believe in you. Enjoy this beautiful day to the max.

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Good Morning Status Friend

41. May God pour all his blessings in your cup of life so that you never fall short of a reason to stay happy. Keep Smiling, Good Morning.

42. Passion is pushing yourself to the limits when no one else is around. Start this beautiful and good morning with a purpose.

43. I like the face when you sleep that sweet innocent smile and the way you wish a good morning is the most beautiful time of the day. Good morning!

44. Just as the sun rises and falls on your face, my day starts with the most beautiful phase. Good morning!!

45. I can’t express in words how much I cherish you as a friend. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Good morning buddy!

46. If you can combine positive actions with a positive mindset, you will surely achieve success. Have a great day. Good Morning!

47. Anything can go wrong in the day but the morning has to be beautiful, so I am making sure your morning starts beautiful. Good morning!

48. No one is greater, and no one is lesser. People are simply unique and incomparable, so do you. Very good morning dear!

49. Open your eyes with a smile, pray, and thank god that you are waking up to a new beginning. Good morning!

50. The secret of being happy does not lie in getting more, but in giving more. May you be blessed with loads of happiness today. Good Morning.

51. New day, new heights, new beginnings, new you! To the person refreshing you new, wishing you a good morning!

52. You can’t achieve the profound things by sitting on your couch. Brace yourself, set goals, and have a superb good morning!

53. I just wanted you to know how much I care for you. You’re always in my thoughts. Have an Amazing Day.

54. Good morning to the most wonderful human being in my life. May you have a day full of astonishing moments my friend.

55. May this boisterous morning fill your day with positive vibes and immense energy. I wish you a very good morning!

56. The day you stepped in my life, you filled it with utmost love, happiness, and luck. Good morning to my beautiful wife!

57. A thought of you, and I don’t need that first of coffee… at least not right away… maybe later, but for now, I am Good.

58. Its time to wake up, take a deep breath, and enjoy the sweetness of nature with all your heart. Good morning! Have a good time!

59. My morning only becomes a good morning when I see your face hubby after waking up. You are my lifeline.

60. I love you in the morning, in the middle of the day, in the hours we are together, and the hours we are apart. Good Morning.

Special Good Morning Wishes

61. Success only belongs to those who are willing to work hard for it. Make the most out of your days and give back to others. Good Morning!

62. Morning is not only sunrise but A Beautiful Miracle of god that defeats the darkness and spread light. Good Morning.

63. Wake up my superman, it’s time to rock the world with your blazing personality. Very good morning to you!

64. Every morning brings you new hopes and new opportunities. Don’t miss any one of them while you’re sleeping. Good morning!

65. Life never gives you a second chance. So, enjoy every bit of it. Why not start with this beautiful morning. Good Morning!

66. Every butterfly was once a caterpillar. Never ever lose hope and faith in your abilities. Wishing you an awe-inspiring good morning!

67. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift that’s why it is called present. Good morning to my dearest person.

68. If you want to gain health and beauty, you should wake up early. Good Morning!

69. My heart is full of love for you. You are the sunshine of my life. Because of you, my life I so colorful. Good Morning.

70. Those who treat you like an option, leave them like an option. A very energetic and inspiring good morning to you.

71. Good Morning my love! I hope my good morning text will bring a smile on your face at the very beginning of the day. I love you so much.

72. Nothing is impossible when God is on your side. Good morning.

73. Happy Good Morning Say, Forget what was, Accept what is and Focus on what will be.

74. Have faith in God’s plan, his plannings are impeccable. Enjoy the morning.

75. If you really want to achieve great things in life, learn how to overlook trivial things. A very thrilling good morning to you my dear!

76. For me, you were like a distant dream that come true. Very lovely good morning to the most adorable person on earth!

77. Get up early in the morning and don’t forget to say thank you to God for giving you another day! Good morning!

78. One long hug and one adorable kiss from you is all I need to begin my day on a high note. Good morning my love!

79. Good morning. Start this beautiful morning, knowing that you can attract to yourself all the great things in this world, just by simply having a mentality that is positive.

80. Emptying all negativity and worries inside you makes it possible to see the brightest things that each day brings. Have a nice morning, dear!

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