Top 10 NFT Images That Were Sold for Millions to Admire


top 10 nft images

Non-fungible tokens have created a real revolution in the world of digital assets. These virtual art pieces opened up the way for artists to get recognition and for investors to buy something ‘out of the box.’

The sphere of NFTs is constantly moving and changing, so it’s not easy to always stay in the know, right? To help you stay, we prepared a short overview of fresh images from top selling NFT collections for this moment. Make yourself comfortable, enjoy the reading, and see if any of them intrigues you!

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Being witnesses of the new art movements and being able to buy these pieces of art is what we can enjoy these days. While some NFT pictures stay in the shadow for long, some win the audience’s love and admiration almost in an instant.

Here are images from top NFT collections that are totally worthy of being looked at. A lot of them have won the reputation of the most expensive ones as well.

1. The Merge (by Pak).

The Merge

The Merge has outperformed every other item not just on this top selling NFT collections list but in the world. It was sold for 91.8 million dollars at the Nifty Gateways marketplace. It’s interesting that the person to create the picture was the anonymous author, but after selling, the item was split for over 28.900 buyers. 

2. The first 5000 days (by Beeple).


69.3 million dollars was given for The first 5000 days that reflects every day with its vital events beginning from 2007.

3. The Human One (by Beeple).

The Human One

A picture of an astronaut? Yes, this one is simple and one of a kind because the background tends to change depending on the user. This piece of digital art is never meant to remain the same. The Human One was valued at 29.985.000 USD.

4. Crypto Punk 7523.

Crypto Punk

This punk image deserves a place among the most popular NFTs. The 7523 image was sold for a price as high as 11 million. After this one was sold, many investors got interested, and the zombie punk 3831, for example, went for 7.000 ETH. The whole set of them is among the most popular NFT collections ever. ‘Alien Punks’ have also become very famous. 

5. Crossroads (by Beeple).


One of the best NFT collections with the political message where Donald Trump is shown both as a defeated and a victorious president. The Crossroads, 6.6 million USD, contains encrypted video and a signature that proves that it isn’t possible to ‘double-click and save as.’ 

6. Right-Click and Save as Guy.

snoop dog

The NFT belongs now to Snoop Dog, one of the biggest NFT fans, and was sold for 6.57 million USD in December last year. The name holds an irony for those who think that digital art is useless.

7. A Coin for the Ferryman.

A Coin for the Ferryman

This piece was sold on the platform SuperRare for 6 million dollars. The high price is mainly motivated by its trending author – the crypto artist XCOPY.

8. Ocean Front (by Beeple).

Ocean Front

The famous designer Beeple doesn’t stop fascinating the audiences with his artworks. This one, Ocean Front dedicated to the climate change issue, was sold for 6 million dollars too.

9. Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection.

Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection

The NFT made to honor the convicted darknet market operator and free him was sold for 5.93 Million dollars during Art Basel.

10. This Changed Everything.

historic source code

The historic source code, thanks to which we are now buying NFTs and have the Internet, is hidden in this name. It contains one of the first versions of the world wide web code and was sold in June 2021 for 5.4 million USD.

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Check out updates on top collections in the chart and be in the know!


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