25 I Miss You Poems for Ex-boyfriend


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1. Life has taken a weird turn
Sometimes I feel happy from within
Sometimes I just zone out
Sometimes my head just spins
I am not living in the past
I don’t regret breaking up with you
But at the same time I admit
That there are times when I miss you

2. Dating you wasn’t the worst mistake of my life
Breaking up with your wasn’t best decision I have made
Of one thing, I am very sure
That the memories of our relationship will never fade
The sweet moments will always linger in my mind
Thinking about our love will always make me feel blue
Don’t get me wrong, I have definitely moved on
But the problem is that I still miss you

3. Sometimes I check for your updates on Facebook
I secretly wish I catch some of your tweets
Looking at our old pictures on Google Plus
Still makes my heart skip a few beats
I still follow your latest posts on Instagram
Time to time, I check your Pinterest for pins new
Don’t worry, I am not a stalker at all
You are my ex-boyfriend, and sometimes I miss you

4. How odd is it
That I miss the person who I also hate
How funny is it
That I miss the boy who I would now never date
How weird is it
That I miss the man who broke my heart
How ironic is it
That I miss the guy from whom I chose to move apart
I miss you

5. Delete, remove, purge
I wish I could do all this
To all our sweet memories
Will someone help me, please
Undo, reverse, revoke
I wish I could do all this
To the time I spent with you
So once again, I can feel bliss
I miss you

6. I don’t know what to write
Because I have nothing to say
But even then I am sending you
This poem today
Don’t confuse this with a rant
This is not a mindless outburst
I just want to talk to you
To quench my heart’s thirst
Don’t mistake this as my weakness
I don’t love you anymore
But still, your voice will soothe
My heartbreak, which is still a bit sore
I miss you

7. I thought my life had a new dawn
I was certain that I had moved on
But it wasn’t so
Getting over heartbreak is painfully slow
I don’t know why
Sometimes without a reason, I cry
I am still confused
Why even now, my heart feels bruised
I don’t regret dating you
Nor do I regret the way things went askew
Life took its own turns, good and bad
I miss you because you were my love, not just a fad

8. To my ex-boyfriend…
I don’t know why we had to break up
I don’t know why our relationship crumbled
I don’t know why we started fighting
I don’t know where our love got fumbled
I don’t know where things went wrong
I don’t know if our love was true
I don’t know why we had to become exes
I don’t know why I still miss you

9. Why in the world
Did you have to become my boyfriend
Why in the world
Did you have to let our relationship end
Why in the world
My broken heart, did you not try to mend
Why in the world
Our love, did you have to suspend
Why in the world
Love, did you have to pretend
Why in the world
Did you have to become my ex-boyfriend
I miss you

10. While I am sitting here in my bed
Missing my ex to bits
I wonder if he misses me too
And if he does, he may never admit it
I know I am making a big mistake
By sending a text to my ex-boyfriend
But I have no other choice
If I want my confusion to end
Hence this messages comes to you
I hope the reason, you clearly see
No pressure, but I hope you reply
I miss you, do you miss me

11. To my ex-boyfriend…
I don’t know what I miss more
They way I felt when you gave me a hug
Or how cuddling with you
Made me feel warm and snug
I don’t know what I miss more
The comfort I felt when I heard your voice
Or the way your sweet whispers
Drowned out all of life’s noise
I don’t know what I miss more
The way you held me in your arms
Or the way I melted at the knees
When you flirted, with all your charm
I don’t know what I miss more
The moment when you looked in my eyes
Or the time when you picked me up
As if I were your life’s biggest prize
I miss you

12. Why did the guy who I loved so much
Had to become my ex-boyfriend
Why do all the good things in life
Always have to come to an abrupt end
Why did the boy who I liked like crazy
Had to break my heart and leave
Why do I still miss him, is a question
Which will always make my heart grieve
I miss you

13. You may be my ex-boyfriend
We may have had an ugly breakup
I may have called you nasty names
But my heart can never give you a snub
I may be your ex-girlfriend
We may have gone separate ways
You may be the guy I used to hate
But without doubt, I miss you on some days

14. I am over you
I have left your memories behind
I hope that a love like yours
Again, I never find
But despite these harsh words
I have to admit one thing
Thinking about you for a few moments
Makes me feel warm, just like spring
I miss you

15. I am not happy
Nor am I too peppy
I am not sad
I don’t feel bad
I feel glum
My heart is numb
I just don’t know
Where’s my flow
Maybe I miss you
Maybe I don’t
Maybe you’ll reply
Maybe you won’t

16. Sometimes when I am daydreaming
I often wonder why it had to come to this
The guy I loved and then hated
Would be the same guy I would later miss
My questions go unanswered
But of one thing, I am certain
That life has a funny way
To heave you with heartbreak’s burden
I miss you

17. If I had a time machine
It would turn into the biggest nightmare
Because a part of me would want to
Go back and fix things, when we were a cute pair
But another part of me
Would want to leave things just the way they are
Such is the confused state of my mind and heart
I wish there was a machine which took me away, somewhere far
I miss you

18. My world is not as fiery as red
My world is not as bright as yellow
My world is not as peaceful as white
It is somewhere in between, slightly mellow
My world is not as dark as black
My world is not as gloomy as blue
My world is not as peppy as pink
It is bland, missing a lovely hue
I miss you

19. There was a time
When I could never imagine my life without you
But then you cheated on me
Why you did so, I don’t have a clue
I don’t love you anymore
That is one thing I am sure of
But the memories of our relationship
Is something of which, I can never get enough
I miss you

20. Our breakup was a bitter one
We promised never to see each other again
It was heartbreaking and dirty
I will never, ever, forget the pain
My heart bled, my eyes wept
My mind slumped into a dark corner
But I have managed to crawl out
I am moving on, I am not a mourner
But that doesn’t stop me from admitting
That I still think about you sometime
I fondly remember out sweet moments
I hope you do too, because it is not a crime
I miss you

21. As the bitterness of our breakup fades away
I am beginning to see life in a new way
Everything about you that I hated earlier
Is now seeming a bit dearer
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine
That my ex-boyfriend would one day, become my weakness
I must get a grip over myself soon
Or else I won’t be able to miss you any less

22. When we began dating I felt as if everything was perfect
But soon after, the cracks began to appear
Our relationship started to fall apart
Suddenly we stopped liking each other
I can totally understand why you decided to break up
It would have been a bad idea to keep going on
But despite knowing that we separated for a reason
I still feel sad, knowing that from my life, you are gone
I miss you

23. First, I fell for your handsome looks
Then, my heart had a soft corner for you
Once we started dating
I discovered life’s pleasures, new
But then for everything you did, I began hating you
In my life, you were no longer special
After all these months, somehow I miss you
I guess my life has come a circle

24. Sometimes I sit here by my window
Wondering about how life would have been
If you were here with me right now
Maybe my world would have had a brighter sheen
But then I remind myself that we broke up
For a reason that was driving us apart
I know we were never meant to be together
But maybe I haven’t conveyed that to my heart
I miss you

25. How was I supposed to know
That getting over a breakup would be as difficult as hell
How was I supposed to know
It would take me forever to break out of its shell
How was I supposed to know
My ex-boyfriend would be someone I love and hate
How was I supposed to know
It will be impossible to again, date
How was I supposed to know
Life would be so painful and sad
How was I supposed to know
Missing my ex would drive me mad
I miss you


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