Top Ten Tips For A Healthy Married Life


A strong and healthy marriage is based on more than good chemistry or understanding. Love is not sufficient for a healthy marriage. If you are married, you will know that happiness in your wedding is as necessary as food is for hunger. Here are some tips for living a happy and healthy married life.

Married Life
Married Life

1. Start your day with a warm kiss or a hug with a smile on your face, looking at your wife.

2. Candidly says,”I love you” often.

3. Take time out and spend a few moments together-only with the two of you.

4. Talk open hearted as this can build a bridge of hopes and understanding.

4. Do not forget to do those small things that make each one of you smile and feel adored.

5. Be patient with one another.

6.If you ever feel that something is wrong with your better half to take time to hold them tightly in your arms and ask what the matter is. That’s the time they require your attention the most.

7. Surprise one another with small but cute gifts. This will make a regular moment a special one. Gifts need not be highly expensive. It is always the feelings that count.

8. Be honest towards your partner. Love, respect, and generosity are the major ingredients of a happy married life.

9. Last but not the least, Always keep in mind that sex is an influential part of a happy married life which cannot be ignored at any cost. Good sex is an addition to love. This is the secret to a happy and healthy marriage.

10. Happy couples do these things whether they have been married a year or 60.


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