25 Best Birthday Poems for Mother-in-law


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1. You have always treated me
Like a family insider
You have always made me feel
Like you are my real mother
You always supported me
When things were a little rough
You have always shown me the way
When things were slightly tough
You have always pampered me
Like your own daughter
That’s why I have deleted the word
In-law after mother
Happy birthday

2. You are not just my mother-in-law
You are special to me
You are not just my husband’s mom
I love you dearly
My relationship with you
Is not a formality that I share
Today I want you to know
For you, I really care
Happy birthday

3. Despite silly misunderstandings
Despite occasional arguments
Despite diverse opinions
Despite minor disagreements
Despite differing views
Despite random quarrels
Let me confess today
My mum-in-law, you are exceptional
Happy birthday

4. I am thankful
That I have got
A mom-in-law
Who I love a lot
I am grateful
That I have a second mom
Whose motherly advice
Is like a healing balm
All mothers-in-law
Should take a cue
From a woman
As sweet as you
Happy birthday

5. Your daughter is so gifted
Your son is so talented
Your husband is so gracious
You are so generous
It looks like all the people
Around you are special
That is why I feel lucky too
For having a mother-in-law like you
Happy birthday

6. I am so glad that I am marrying
A man who has a mother like you
Men who get such amazing
Upbringing and values are very few
I am proud that my mum-in-law
You will soon become
As a family, I am sure
We will be more than awesome
Happy birthday

7. Here’s to my mother-in-law
The darling of the family
The woman because of whom
Everything becomes lively
Here’s to the lady who deserves
An elaborate birthday party
For she makes our lives
Full of fun and festivity
Happy birthday

8. Thanks for giving me
Your beautiful princess
Who has brought in my life
So much happiness
Thanks for bestowing on me
This lovely gift of life
By allowing your daughter
To become my wife
Happy birthday

9. I have found
A lovely friend in you
I hope you’ve found
A friend in me too
A typical mother-in-law
You’ve never been in my view
Pairs like ours
In this world, are few
Happy birthday

10. To…
My husband’s mom
My best friend
On her advice
We dearly depend
My kids’ grandma
My friends’ envy
Her facades
Are not one, but many
My mother-in-law
My agony aunt
Imagining our lives
Without her, I simply can’t
Happy birthday

11. You are one of the best gifts
That I got after my wedding
Your motherly guidance
Makes life worth celebrating
All your advice and timely help
For both of us and the children
Make you best amongst all
Our most favorite person
Happy birthday

12. No woman apart from me
Knows the meaning
Of a mother-in-law
Whose love is undying
No one except me
Understands what it means
To be loved by a mother-in-law
It’s always more than what it seems
A safe and valid conclusion
No one except me can draw
That you are the world’s best
Happy birthday

13. You have given me
One more reason
To believe in marriage
As an institution
What a loving person you are
You have made me realize
And an even better mother-in-law
Which has been the sweetest surprise
Now I know why marriage
Entails so much more
Thanks to an in-law like you
Who I simply adore
Happy birthday

14. I pity all those women
Who don’t have a good rapport
With their mothers-in-law
It is really sad to know
Because sweet in-laws like you
Are pillars of support to lean on
Ready to help
Any time from night to dawn
I feel so thankful to life
For giving me
A mother-in-law like you
Who I admire immensely
Happy birthday

15. I wonder why mothers-in-law
Are so stereotyped
I wonder why their behavioral traits
Are always so hyped
I wonder why young women
Are made to think
That mothers-in-law are bad
Dismissing them in a blink
This phenomenon
I have never understood
Because my mother-in-law
Is just so good
Happy birthday

16. You are my
Mother number two
But that isn’t the only reason
For me to love you
You are the mother
Of my loving wife
But that isn’t why I am happy
For your presence in my life
I am glad that you are
A part of my family
Because you always treat me
Like your very own baby
Happy birthday

17. Sometimes a busy week at work
Takes over everything
Sometimes a busy weekend with kids
Leaves time for nothing
Sometimes life moves so fast
That I can’t keep in touch
But today I want you to know
That I love you very much
Happy birthday

18. Although you can’t
Visit us often
When you do, the kids
Have so much fun
It’s not just the children
Who love having you over
Or my husband who loves
Spending time with his mother
I love your having you around
At our place too
From the bottom of my heart
I wish a happy birthday to you

19. My mum-in-law…
She is her husband’s
True love, life partner
She is her son’s
Doting mother
She is her grandkids’
Favorite person
She is her family’s
Most respected woman
She is the best friend
Of her son’s wife
She is someone who
I want to be like in life
Happy birthday

20. Happy birthday
To the lady
Who has found love
From everybody
For the family, she is
The foundation
To everyone of us
She is an inspiration
The kids consider her
To be their mentor
For my husband she is
His beloved mother
But for me she is a woman
Who commands respect
She is my mother-in-law
A woman, who is perfect
Happy birthday

21. To my dearest mom-in-law…
Rearing my kids
Would have been terrifying
If it weren’t for you
Always helpful and understanding
Balancing work and home
Would have been petrifying
If it weren’t for you
Always supportive and caring
Imagining life without you
Would be upsetting
You are one person who
I’ll never stop respecting
Happy birthday

22. My second mother
My agony aunt
The woman who listens
To all my rants
My trusty advisor
My friend in need
To all my complaints
The woman who pays heed
My problem solver
My go-to person
Dear mother-in-law
You are the one
Happy birthday

23. All stereotypes about mothers-in-law
You have blown
What an ideal mother-in-law should be
You have shown
All myths and falsifications
You have debunked straightaway
How a perfect mother-in-law should behave
You have shown in every way
Happy birthday to the woman
Who is not the typical in-law to me
But much more than that
A friend that no one else could be
Happy birthday

24. You have kept calm
Even when we got annoyed
You made sure that our lovely bond
Was never destroyed
From helping us with the kids
To stepping in when required
You are full of energy
It seems you never get tired
I disagree with everyone else
There is no such thing
As a nasty mother-in-law
Because you, are such a darling
Happy birthday

25. On your birthday
I thank you whole heartedly
For giving me your son
To be my wonderful hubby
If not for a woman like you
As his mother
He would have been a man
Just like any other
Happy birthday


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