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Thank You Poems for Friends

1. When I lost belief in myself
You became my self-esteem
When my eyes were shedding tears
You became their gleam
When my ego took a beating
You stoked it like fire
You trusted me even when
The world called me a liar
When I became difficult
You showed patience with me
I guess, best friends forever
We’re meant to be

2. A spouse is a better half
Is what people usually say
But in this traditional idea
I don’t believe in any way
My better half right now
Is none other than you
A friend, who supports me
In everything I do
Thank you

3. I want to make the world jealous
I want to make everyone envious
To the whole world I want to announce
The reason my step has a bounce
I want to shout for everyone to hear
The name my heart holds dear
It’s you, a friend whose smiles
Makes everything in life worthwhile

4. I can’t think of a better way
Than writing a sweet poem to say
Thank you, for everything you’ve done
Since the day, our friendship had begun
I’ll never be able to repay this debt
No matter what I do, I bet
I promise, to be a friend to you
Like you’ve been to me, so true
Thank you

5. More than a gift
More than a journey
More than a treat
More than just destiny
Our friendship is
Something special
It makes everything
Seem so magical
Here’s to you
A friend unlike any other
Here’s to us
Friends forever

6. You have stood by me like a rock
Even though I never asked you to
Not just when I was right
But when I was wrong too
You have done everything
That is expected from a friend
To how much I love you
There is simply no end

7. Whether it is a new app
Or games on my PlayStation
Using them without you
Wouldn’t make them as much fun
Whether it is checking out people
Or asking them out on a date
Without you all these things
In my life, would have to wait
Thanks for being a friend
Who I can’t enjoy life without
There’s no one else like you
Of that I have no doubt

8. If I hadn’t met you
Things would have been bad
I don’t who I would’ve called
Whenever I was sad
I would’ve had no one
To tell my secrets to
By my side if I didn’t
Have an amazing friend like you

9. No one would laugh at my jokes
No one would call me pretty
All my hidden talents and qualities
No one would be able to see
No one would know my secrets
No one would call me at midnight
No one would ever know
What I want in my Mr. Right
No one would care about my crush
No one would realize my preferences
If I didn’t have a friend like you
I would miss life’s best experiences

10. No matter what life throws at me
The memories of our friendship will always
Help me remain happy and strong
Even while facing tough and bad days
The smiles, the laughs the sheer awesomeness
Of the times we’ve spent together
Is something that I’ll hold close to my heart
Till the end of time, forever and ever

Thank You Poems

11. It’s been a long time since
You and I have been friends
We are proof of the fact that
All good things don’t always end
Through happiness and sadness
Through highs and lows
I’m here for you forever
Is what I want you to know

12. Like yin and yang, like black and white
Like rough and smooth, like day and night
Like easy and tough, like hot and cold
Like low and high, like silver and gold
Like light and dark, like weak and strong
Like bright and dull, like short and long
We’re opposites, but totally complementary
Best Friends Forever, we’re meant to be

13. The test of time
Has been survived
Of each other’s company
Although we were deprived
The test of distance
Has been won by us
Even though were apart
We didn’t make a fuss
Every curve ball that life
Threw at our friendship
In fact, made it
A much stronger relationship

14. My best friend forever
That you are
The best thing to happen
In my life so far
My daily dose
Of happiness and inspiration
My dear friend
You are the one
Thank you

15. Gratitude is not enough
A loving gesture is not sufficient
A simple note of thanks
Will look too complacent
To convey my gratefulness to you
I will have to do something drastic
I owe you something big
For being a friend so fantastic
Thank you

16. If I had to give
Our friendship a label
I would call it a journey
Awesome and special
It I had to give it
A heading or a title
I would call it a road trip
Carefree and incredible
Our friendship, if I had to
In just one line, summarize
I’d say it is my
Life’s best prize

17. For being a friend worthy of
Being thanked every single day
I want to show my gratitude to you
In every possible way
I don’t know where to start
Maybe you could suggest something too
Start thinking and make a list of stuff
That I can do to pamper you

18. From silly habits to crazy rants
Patiently tolerating everything
That I could throw at you
Is why you are, my darling
If you weren’t my bestie
I just don’t know what I’d do
Depressed is what I feel even if
I try to imagine life without you

19. A sturdy wall
An unshakable pillar
Is what you have been to me
By being a friend so dear
A roof on the head
A robust parapet
You are one the most
Reliable people I have met
You have always shielded me
And been protective
A heartfelt thank you for that
Is what I want to give

20. There was a time when I thought
That friendship was just about laughs and smiles
But now I’ve realized how the tears and sobs
Are also what makes it meaningful and worthwhile
Together, we’ve not just smiled and laughed
But also fought, argued and cried
No matter what, I’ve always seen you
Right beside me, after the tears have dried
For the way you’ve stood by me all the time
I don’t know what to say or do
Maybe it’ll take a lifetime to repay the gratitude
But for now, I’ll start with saying Thank You

Poems for Friends

21. Just like how a sunflower always
Looks in the direction of the sun
I too look towards a friend like you
When I want to have some fun
Just like how a mouse always goes
In the direction it smells cheese
I too look for a friend like you
For my happiness to increase
Just like how the moon and stars
Always go together
We will be friends for eternity
Now and forever

22. For being more like family
And less of a friend
Looking out for me always
At every corner and bend
I should have expressed
My thoughts, a long ago
For having you, how thankful
I feel, I want you to know

23. No matter how much time
We spend together
Whether hours or days
Enough, it seems never
I don’t know how I’d cope
If you were to go away
That moment would usher in
My life’s most painful days
Let’s promise each other
That regardless of where
Life takes us, for each other
We’ll always be there

24. Friends like you are worth
Their weight in gold
My valuable keepsake
Even when I become old
Way more precious
Than gems or pearls
Life’s true meaning
They help unfurl
Awesome and fun
Truly priceless
For money can’t buy
Friendship’s happiness

25. Thanks for doing me a favor
By once again being my savior
Thanks for supporting me
Not just once but repeatedly
Thanks for cutting me some slack
Thanks for always watching my back
Thanks for helping me in times of need
You are a special friend, indeed
Thank you

26. The quirks and the laughs
The smiles and the selfies
The crazy and the cool
The fun and the memories
The weird and the awesome
The tears and the frowns
The hits and the misses
The ups and the downs
Our friendships has been
One awesome ride
I’m glad I have friends
Like you by my side

27. To reveal my real friends
I didn’t need adversity
I knew you were my true friend
Irrespective of a calamity
To see who I could trust
I didn’t need trouble to arise
The fact that I could depend on you
Was no surprise
Like us, very few people
Can proudly say
That they are friends forever
Come what may

28. Living life without a friend like you
Would be like having a wine gone bad
Attending school and college without you
Would have surely driven me mad
Flipping a photo album without you in it
Would be like watching a rainbow in sepia
Not sharing all my problems with you
Would put me in a massive dilemma
Every aspect of life would be empty
Blank and totally colorless
If you weren’t there in my life
To fill it up with sublime happiness

29. You are the one because of whom
Our fights have never lasted long
You are the reason why
Our friendship is so strong
You are the cause for us to be
Close, even when we are miles apart
It is because of you that I
Live life carefree, with all my heart
You are the only person
Who gets credit for our friendship
For making it the most
Sweetest and cutest relationship

30. A friend who tells me off
When I am blatantly wrong
A friend who gives me solace
When the nights are long
A friend who gets involved
Even when there is no need
To the fine details of my life
A friend who pays heed
You are, all this and more
On you, my life truly depends
I’m glad fate chose you
To be my bestest friend


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