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Best Smile SMS Messages

Smile is a facial expression to express happiness or anxiety. A smile helps to change the mood, it relieves stress and helps to stay positive. A smile can hide fear, sadness, heartbreak but it shows strength so always keep smiling and love life.

Here you can get the largest collection of Smile SMS Messages, Smile Quotes, and Smiley Images.

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Beautiful Smile SMS for Friends
Beautiful Smile Sms for Friends

Smile Sms Wishes

1. Always have S: sweet, M: Memories, I: In, L: Life, E: Everyone.

2. Always smile even without any reason and thus given someone else reason to smile.

3. Smile is completed When It begins with you Lips, Reflects in your Eyes, & Ends with a glow on your Face I Wish U many many Smiling Moments in ur life.

4. Smile for someone is sweet. But making someone SMILE is the best feeling.

5. Sometimes all that I want is someone who can make me smile.

6. A smile costs less than electricity… but it gives more light. So always smile and prove that you are one of the best bulbs in the world!

7. Never frown, even when you are sad.
Because You never know who is falling
in love with your smile.

8. Everybody needs someone who can make them laugh when they think that they’ll never smile again :)♥

9. Anyone keeps me smile. Anyone keeps me cry. But you are an important person in my life; you will make me smile with tears.

10. Always be happy; always wear a smile; Not because life is full of reason to smile but because your smile itself is a reason for many others to smile.

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