250 Catchy One Line Status & Captions About WhatsApp


Whatsapp about Lines: We have a collection of the best One Line Status for WhatsApp with beautiful HD images for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Whatsapp status is a good way to express yourself. With Whatsapp status, you can correctly reveal your thoughts and feelings. Changing the status of WhatsApp defines the way you live your life. There are many types of WhatsApp statuses that anyone can use at their convenience. There are many people who use the position of a line in daily life. In our collection, you can send a one line status to your friends.

Let’s understand “Whatsapp About”

WhatsApp About is a summary that appears on the account’s profile. It enables WhatsApp users to add text, quotes, emoticons, and other characters. The default bio on whatsapp reads, “Hello there! ” I’m on WhatsApp.” Hence, we’ve compiled a list of over 450 quotations, quips, and witty words for men and women to utilise in their WhatsApp About sections.

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One Line Whatsapp Status

Awesome Lines For Whatsapp Status
Awesome Lines For Whatsapp Status

1. If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

2. I’m sexy & I know it.

3. Good girls are bad girls, who never get caught.

4. Keep calm & just chill.

5. I got less, but I got best!

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6. I didn’t change, I just woke up.

7. You are so awesome that, my middle finger salutes you.

8. Forget your age and live your life.

9. Do what’s right not easy.

10. I plan to make rest of my life, the best of my life!

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Best Lines For Whatsapp Status

Best Lines For Whatsapp Status in English
Best Lines For Whatsapp Status in English

11. Silence is better than lies.

12. Genius by birth, evil by choice.

13. Don’t blame me, I was born awesome.

14. I am not lazy, I just rest before I tired.

15. I love my haters, They make me famous.

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status for haters

16. Be what you want to be, not what other wants to see.

17. If you are bad, Then call me your dad.

18. Do what is “Right”, not what is “Easy”.

19. Totally available!! Please disturb to me!!

20. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

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