30 Best I Love You Poems for Girlfriend


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girlfriend poems

1. Flirting with you
Is the best thing to do
Taking you out for coffee
Is what I like to do daily
Going with you on a drive
Makes me feel alive
Everything I do with you
Makes every day feel new

2. The skies may stop turning blue
But I will never stop loving you
The stars may stop shining tomorrow
But I will never stop shielding you from sorrow
The sun may stop shining one fine day
But I will always keep your troubles at bay
The earth may stop rotating on its axis
But I will never let a day pass without giving you a kiss
I love you

3. I am going to email Facebook
Hoping their engineers will take a look
Your timeline has a Like button
But I want to suggest another one
There should be a button called Love
From your profile photo, just above
The Like button is now useless
Because I love you, my princess

4. Even though we are
In a steady relationship
You have never let go
Of our friendship
That is what makes us
The coolest couple in town
I promise to you, baby
That I will never let you down
I love you

5. Even the greatest poets may not be
Able to express how I feel for you
Words can simply not be enough
To describe how it alters my life’s view
I’ve never chased perfection
But you make everything seem perfect
Even all my mistakes come undone
All the dots, just magically connect
Fate or destiny, call it what you want
I’m glad, this is where it came to be
Not just the laughs, but even the
Silence between us, sets me free
I love you

6. How do I express
My love for you
It is as obvious as saying
That the color of water is blue
It is also as complex as counting
The number of stars in the galaxy
It is as complicated as defining
The way you have changed me
But the very core of
Expressing my love for you
Is as simple as saying
It is pure and true

7. Daydreaming, with a smile on my face
Blissfully lost, in the sunniest of hues
Carelessly happy, oblivious to worries
Is what I’ve been, since I’ve met you
So surreal, everything has become
Life feels, too good to be true
My heart knows, this is just the beginning
Of a lot more to look forward to

8. A sense of euphoria grips me from head to toe
When I think about the memories we share
Right from the fun times to the vulnerable moments
My innermost feelings, to you I’ve laid bare
We’ve been through a lot, we’ve come a long way
I have no regrets, I’d do it all again if I had to
Regardless of the bumps and bends
Because in the end it’s just me and you

9. A puffed up ego
An upright spine
Is what I have
Because you’re mine
A chest full of pride
The right to show off
Everyone else
I feel the urge to scoff
All this is because
You are by my side
You give me every reason
To smile real wide
I love you

10. Life without you would be
Ever since I’ve met you, there has been
No such thing as a bad day
Even after we fight, thinking about you
Makes all the stress go away
While this may sound a bit stupid
It just shows how much I care
And how bitterness can never rule
The relationship that we share

love you poems for girlfriend

11. Sometimes I feel
Like I’m walking on air
Other times blankly
At a ceiling, I stare
Sometimes in the clouds
I feel like I want to fly
Touching them with my hands
Sometimes I want to try
The world in which I live
Is like a dreamlike trance
To be crazily in love with you
I’m glad destiny game me the chance

12. I don’t want to be too wealthy
I don’t want to be too prosperous
I don’t want to be too successful
I don’t want to be too ambitious
I don’t want to be too famous
I don’t want to always be a winner
Because I’ll automatically be all these
As long as we’re together
I love you

13. Sometimes I have to tell myself
That I am not hallucinating
I have to give myself a few pinches
To realize that I am not dreaming
Sometimes I thank my destiny
That you are the one I chose to pursue
Sometimes I cannot believe
That I found a girlfriend like you
I love you baby

14. When I am alone, I feel numb
Lonely, empty and dumb
I feel bogged down and tied
When you are not by my side
I feel complete, and free
When you are with me
There’s nothing else for me to do
Except being with you

15. More dazzling than the stars
More stunning than the sun
Prettier than the moon
Baby, you are the one
More fabulous than dawn
More magnificent than twilight
Sexier than the colors of dusk
Baby, you’re a gorgeous sight

16. My heartbeat follows
The rhythm of your walk
I begin to breathe
Only when you start to talk
I see the world
Only when your eyes open
My hands feel warm
With yours, when they are woven
My life feels alive
When you are with me
I don’t have words to say
How much I love you baby

17. Just being friends with you
Made me sore
Right from day one
My heart wanted a lot more
Just like how absence of salt
Makes food tasteless
Your absence in my life
Would take away all the happiness
Just like how dessert tastes bland
When it is made sugarless
Without you, everything I do
Would be utterly useless
I love you

18. If I had to explain the reason
Why I find you so pretty and sweet
I would explain it by saying
That you are my heart’s beat
If I had to describe you in a few words
I wouldn’t say sexy or amazing
I would describe you with the phrase
You’re my reason for being
I love you

19. My body feels loose
My heart feels heavy
When you are not
There around me
My hands feel numb
My eyes feel saggy
When you pretty face
I don’t get to see
My heart trembles
My legs feel shaky
When I think what if
We weren’t meant to be
I love you

20. I lost myself, the day
I looked in your eyes
Your hugs have given me
My life’s biggest highs
In the depths of love
My life is anchored firmly
Exactly how I’ve always
Wanted it to be

poems for girlfriend

21. Can you imagine
What would happen
If the planet didn’t receive
Daylight from the sun
The same thing happens to me
When we don’t meet
My life becomes a shamble
My heart skips many a beat
So, unless you want to
Torture and frustrate me
I suggest that you keep giving
Me your awesome hugs daily
I love you

22. I don’t have any regrets in life
I don’t care about the mistakes I’ve made
Even thinking about the worst memories
Doesn’t leave me dismayed
Regardless of the things I’ve done
Irrespective of what I’ve been through
It was all worth fighting for
Because everything led me to you
I love you

23. Like a picture in sepia
Every single second would be
Rife with inertia
All my smiles and laughs
Would have no significance
There would be no reason
For my existence
I love you

24. To all the guys in the world
I would recommend strongly
That falling in love is a must
Its importance, you must see
Don’t be afraid of love
Don’t let commitment make you sweat
If you get a girlfriend like mine
Happiness is all you will get
I love you

25. You are the prettiest
You are the cutest
If I had to invent a new word
I would call you beautifulest
You are the most charming
You are most intelligent
I have never seen someone
Who is so elegant
You are the girl
That every guy desires
Baby, I love you a lot
For you, my heart is on fire

26. When I gape at your beauty
I feel glad that you picked me
When I see your pretty face
My life, it makes me embrace
When I look into your deep eyes
It gives me the biggest highs
When I think about me and you
I see life’s most awesome hues
I love you

27. You are the kind of girl
Who can put a diva to shame
If guys want to flirt with you
They are not to blame
I am taking the liberty
To compliment you like this
Because at the end of the day
Only I have the right to give you a kiss

28. My heart swells up with pride
When you are by my side
My eyes light up with bliss
When you give me a kiss
My spirit begins to soar
When I see you at the door
My mind goes into a trance
When I see you by chance
My life becomes joyful
When I see you, beautiful
I love you

29. If I had to sum up
In a cute little nutshell
How much I love you
I would simply tell
The story about falling
In love with you at first sight
After seeing you how
I couldn’t sleep at night
With a few other sweet instances
The story would continue
But the essence of it would be
That meant to be, are me and you

30. You are the reason why
I feel like I wanna fly
You are the reason why
I feel I can touch the sky
You are the reason why
There is no reason to cry
Baby, you are my life
Don’t ever say goodbye
I love you


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