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How to Inspect and Maintain your Roof Anchor Points?

Roof anchor points are among the most important roof safety systems. Once you go through the selection and installation process of roof anchor points, it is important to know how to inspect and maintain them. Roof anchor points are very important when working at heights. They help reduce the probability of falling from heights. If your team works at heights then you should ensure you have the right roof anchor points to prevent falls. Roof anchor points are generally used together with other height safety PPE such as lanyard or harness fall protection systems. You can choose to use temporary or permanent anchor points.

Here are tips on how to inspect and maintain your roof anchor points.

Maintenance of roof anchor points

Provided it has been installed professionally and configured correctly, zero maintenance is practically required for roof anchor points. However, your anchor points should be inspected after every year by a professional and qualified professional to ensure safety lines and anchorage points continue to perform their work effectively. This is very important not only to ensure the personal safety of the user but also to maintain compliance with safety standards and regulations. Roof re-certification is required for most premises after every year. This obligation cannot be overlooked because unsafe height safety systems in Australia can lead to serious injuries or even death.

When it comes to dealing with an issue as serious as compliance to height safety, it is very important that all installations and inspections are carried out by a licensed professional and that they use the right equipment to inspect roof safety solutions.

The importance of roof safety re-certification

Aside from the legal requirements to maintain compliance with your height safety equipment, roof safety re-certification is vital because of all the things that are likely to go wrong when working at heights. It is therefore important to get your anchor points checked every year because of how important a good anchor point system is. Roof anchor points are designed to stop someone from hitting the ground in case of a fall, even when they are fully equipped in a harness. Anchor points are the most important part of a height safety system.

Roof safety certification should be completed by a competent person before using a system for the first time. After using a system for the first time, it is important to do roof safety re- certification periodically to ensure that the system is compliant and safe. While your anchor point system will look after itself, it is important to cover your employees and yourself by booking a roof safety service after every 12 months.

Choose the right professionals to work with

When it comes to inspecting and maintaining your roof safety systems, it is important to choose the right professionals to work with. You should choose a company that provides thorough inspections of your building and a quote for what they need to do if there are any maintenance issues or problems. Make sure you choose a professional who is experienced in recommending and installing fall prevention systems and height protection equipment.


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