110 Good Evening SMS, Messages For Him/Her


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101. You’re the sweetest thing that ever came to me.
I and in the midst of this night, feel the warmth of my embraces.
Enjoy your night in the sweetest serenity.

102. Laugh or cry share it with a friend,
Big or small divide it with your family,
Ups or downs tell it to me,
I am with you forever,
Good evening!

103. Contentment is not being happy of having much
but it’s on the attitude of being joyful
Even when in the midst of scarcity…
Good eve to you.

104. The night may be deep and dark
But I am just taking the time to say “Hi”
And enjoy your night.

105. I don’t have many words to say.
I am just letting you know that you are remembered in this moment.
Have a blessed night.

106. I wish you enjoy your evening with joy and laughter, peace at your heart because my love these are the things that you truly deserve. I love you so much, have a great time.

107. I hope you’re having a wonderful time this beautiful evening. Good evening to you, my special friend.

108. Let go of today’s sadness, stress, anxieties and enjoy a refreshing and peaceful evening. Good evening!

109. A friend like you is the reason behind my beautiful glowing smiling face every day. Good evening to you, my special friend.

110. As the day is gradually coming to a close, I hope you have a beautiful evening ahead. Good evening to you, my dearest friend.

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