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Good Afternoon Sms wishes

Good Afternoon Images Wishes
Good Afternoon Images Wishes

1. The afternoon is an indication that we’ll see each other soon. Enjoy your work now for we’ll enjoy life in the evening. Good Afternoon

2. I can’t stop thinking about you; you are always in my mind, Good Afternoon My Love!

3. My wishes will always be with u, In the morning you want to feel fresh, Afternoon wish to accompany you, Evening wish to refresh you, Night wish to comfort u with sleep, Good Afternoon

4. I wish your afternoon to be beautiful, that the sun shines in your heart, that there be joy in your eyes and peace in your walk. Good Afternoon

5. I desire to be with you always, to hug and hold you in my arms. I love you, my dear. Good afternoon.

6. Be bright like the afternoon sun and let everyone who sees you feel inspired by all the great things you do. You have one life here on earth. Make it count in whatever way you can. Good Afternoon

7. I wish you were here with me; I would hug and hold you tightly, never to let you go. Good afternoon love!

8. Its 12 noon and the sun coming to show its fullest power. As the season is summer take precautions before going out. Good Afternoon!

9. Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good is better and your better is best. Good Afternoon

10. Meaning of noon is not just only middle of the day but it is a harder time to do anything in our life. So, across this noon happily…Good Afternoon!

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