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Cowin App Registration Login for 18+ Citizens Process (1st 2nd dose)

Check Cowin Gov in website September, 2021 – Book your schedule on website @https://www.cowin.gov.in/

Cowin App registration is available for everyone aged 18+ on the official website. The complete vaccine procedure is also available there. The government is taking steps to administer the Corona vaccine to every citizen of this country. Excitingly, the government has started to register for the corona vaccine via many popular apps.

Cowin App Registration

To get the vaccine people first have to register through the online portal Cowin app which is launched by the government of India. From there you can select a date for vaccines at a nearby health centre and also choose between the corona or novovax vaccine in 2 steps.To do this, first you’ll need to book your vaccine through Cowin app registration for 18+, 2 times.

The Central Government has made it easy to register for the dosage of the vaccine you’re given. They’re giving everyone access to this app and doing everything they can to fight Covid 19.

Cowin Registration Online

We are wrong to think that the government alone can save us single handedly from the virus. We have some responsibilities too. Along with getting the vaccine, we also have to take measures to prevent getting infected by the deadly disease of covid 19.

It’s only after you have registered online that you will be actually eligible to get this lifesaver and that is why it is very important. This is the best initiative by the GOI that makes sure you can get the chance of being vaccinated all while sitting at your couch. According to the numerous researches done around the world, on an average, the chances of getting infected are reduced by 75% after you are vaccinated for Covid-19.

Cowin Registration App Login

Today, you have the opportunity to get your dose of vaccine at your doorstep. In order to do this, download the cowin app from app store or google play store. After doing so, you will be able to register for your family’s and your own dosage of vaccine. The government of India has made it sure that every citizen of India gets this vaccine safely.

The ministry of health of Indian has assured that the 2-dose Covid Vaccine is very much capable saving the individual from getting infected. To this date Crores of citizens have already received the vaccine.

Cowin App Registration Process

If you follow the steps enlisted below, you will be able to register successfully on the Cowin app. In any case of underlying health conditions, specially lung problems, you should consult your doctor first. The following are the steps for registering.

  • You will have to click on the given Cowin app link and download the app from the google play store.
  • Now you will have to go to the app, and then click on the option of vaccine registration.
  • After clicking on the vaccine registration button, you will then have to enter your mobile number.
  • When you enter your mobile number, your OTP will be sent to it. Then you have to verified this by entering it in the app.
  • Now you can choose from the given Vaccine Time slot according to your schedules.
  • Your registration process will be done after the time and date are selected.
  • As soon as the registration is complete, its information will be given through SMS on your registered mobile number.

Cowin App Registration Website

You also have an alternative if you don’t want to download the app. you can simply visit the Cowin website and complete your registration process. After visiting the website you can simply follow the similar steps given above to register for the vaccine. After the first dose you will have to register again for the second dosage.

The Government have concentrated their efforts toward the goal of fully vaccinated India as soon as possible that is why they are highly invested in making the vaccine easily accessible via digital portals like cowin. Alongside Cowin, the Government of India have also launched digital platforms like Arogyasetu App and Umang app to help curb the pandemic.

All of the information that we have provided so far is based on the public knowledge of the institution and we apologize if you are not satisfied with it. Please leave a feedback in the comments to let us know about your grievances.

Cowin Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Download

It is directed by the GOI that the recipient of the vaccine downloads the vaccine certificate right away after they have been administered the first or the second dose. The vaccine certificate is required in many theatres of life these days, from school, college to offices and travel. To download the certificate check out the detailed steps given below.

  1. First of all Download the Umang App from the Google play store if you haven’t downloaded it yet.
  2. Then You have to check the tab ‘what’s New’. Under this tab, you will see the option CoWin.
  3. After that, go to this very option and click on covid-19 certificate for vaccination download.
  4. Now, Enter your mobile number. Enter the OTP when asked for it.
  5. And after that, add the beneficiary name correctly.
  6. Now Download the Certificate of Covid-19 vaccination from Umang App!

Covid Vaccine Certificate Download On WhatsApp

There are total 3 certificates that revolve around the vaccination process, i.e. The certificate for first dose, the certificate for second dose and finally the consolidated certificate. All of these certificates are easily accessible to the beneficiary via Cowin portals. But, the government also provides this service via whatsapp. To do so, follow the instructions we are writing below in this article about cowin registration.

  1. First you have to save the number “+91 9013151515” on your smartphone.
  2. Then, open the WhatsApp and type a new message – “covid certificate” or “download certificate”
  3. An OTP will be received on the registered mobile number which you will have to enter into the same WhatsApp chat within 30 seconds.
  4. After that a numeric list of members will appear which is registered with provided mobile number.
  5. Simply reply with a number for which you want to download the vaccine certificate. In few seconds, Covid vaccine Certificate for respective members will be available to download.

FAQs about Covid Vaccine Certificate Download, First, Second Dose and Final

COVID-19 vaccination Registrations FAQs?

1. Where can I download COVID-19 vaccination certificate from?

You are able to download vaccination certificate from the Co-WIN portal (cowin.gov.in) or the Aarogya Setu app or through Digi-Locker by following the simple steps. You are required to do so with the registered mobile number.

2. How do I pre-register myself online for an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine?

The option of online registration and appointment is available on the Co-WIN portal. You will have to give some basic information about yourself and details of your adhar card to get yourself registered online on the Cowin portal

3. Is online registration mandatory for COVID-19 vaccination?

Not necessarily. All the Vaccination Centers facilitate a limited number of on the spot registration slots every day. But, it is highly recommended to get registered online and schedule vaccination in advance in order to have a hassle-free and orderly vaccination experience

4. Can I get a vaccine certificate after a single dose?

Of course you can, there are 2 different certificates for the two doses.

5. Can we download the Covid certificate on WhatsApp?

Yes, to make it easier, the government also provides the certificate through whatsapp.

6. How many people can be registered in the Co-WIN portal through one mobile number?

A maximum of 4 people can be registered for vaccination on the same mobile number

7. Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine without an appointment?

If you are aged 45 years and above, you can schedule appointments online or walk-in to vaccination centres. On the other hand, citizens aged 18-44 years should mandatorily register themselves and schedule appointment online before vaccination. However, all of the citizens of India are recommended to register online and schedule vaccination in advance for a hassle-free, fast and safer vaccination experience

8. Can I download COVID-19 vaccine appointment slip?

Yes, it can be downloaded after the appointment has been scheduled successfully.

9. Can I choose the COVID-19 vaccine?

The system will show the vaccine being administered in each vaccination centre at the time of scheduling an appointment. Citizen can choose the vaccination centre as per their choice of vaccine being administered. But, the choice will not be available at the Government facilities

10. What is the COVID-19 vaccine introduction toolbox?

The COVID-19 vaccine introduction toolbox equips all the 200 countries in the world to prepare for and also implement COVID-19 vaccination by providing guidance, tools, and training. This toolbox is intended to support Ministries of Health, health workers, partner organizations, and other stakeholders around the world.

11. Which documents should I carry with me for the COVID-19 vaccination?

You should carry your Adhar Card with you, or the specific identity proof you used for registration on the cowin portal.

12. Are there different vaccines to choose from?

As of now, the govt. of India is mainly administering the Covishield vaccine in all the govt. run vaccination centers. Along with covishield, Covaxin is also a major player in the vaccines arena of India. However, the debate regarding the Covishield vs Covaxin remains intact as they have different characteristics.

13. What is the origin of COVID-19?

The coronavirus that we are battling today, the SARS-CoV-2 was first registered from three people with pneumonia in the city of Wuhan, China. China, however, declines any claims of it being originated in the country but it remains a prima facie case.


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