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10 Celebrities That Would Make Good Babysitters

Most celebrities aren’t good role models for children and would not be a good choice for a babysitter. However, there are exceptions, and some celebrities would be a good influence on your kids. There are some famous people who may be responsible, fun or educational and would make good babysitters.

Here are some of the global celebrities that would make good babysitters:

1. Sandra Bullock

The actress many consider America’s sweetheart; Sandra Bullock would be a great babysitter. She seems like a genuinely nice person who really cares about kids.

2. Joe Mauer

If your kids are into baseball or sports, Joe Mauer would be a terrific sitter. This young catcher for the Minnesota Twins could help your little leaguer’s work on their baseball fundamentals.

3. Oprah Winfrey

What kids wouldn’t want Oprah Winfrey for a babysitter? They would be the envy of the neighborhood and maybe even get some great stuff.

4. Anne Hathaway

Even though it was only one of her many roles, your young girls would be thrilled to have a “princess” as a babysitter. Anne Hathaway is a sweet person who gives much of her time and money to charities for children.

5. Tom Hanks

This celebrity loves kids and would know just how to keep your children entertained. Even though Tom Hanks is now a grandfather, he will always remain young at heart.

6. Petra Nemcova

One of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever seen is Petra Nemcova. Even though she has gone through a huge tragedy in her life, she keeps smiling and would be an inspirational influence on your children.

7. Muppets

Even though they aren’t real people, the Sesame Street Muppets would make great babysitters. Your kids would love having Kermit, Cookie Monster and Big Bird keep tabs on them while you’re away.

8. Robin Williams

What kid wouldn’t enjoy having Robin Williams read them a bedtime story? The only problem is they would probably be laughing too much to go to sleep.

9. Reese Witherspoon

This actress is very involved in women’s and children’s charities and would be a great celebrity babysitter. Reese Witherspoon is a good role model for young girls everywhere.

10. Daniel Radcliffe

Kids would love to have the actor who portrayed Harry Potter as a babysitter. Daniel Radcliffe really cares about children and would be an entertaining sitter for your little wizard apprentices.

Unless these celebrities are relatives or live in your neighborhood, chances are you’re not going to get their services as a babysitter, but it’s nice to dream. With all the horrible examples most celebrities portray, it’s nice to know there are some who are positive role models for children. Instead of rewarding famous people for bad behavior, we all should reward those who conduct themselves responsibly and inspire young people to achieve success while maintaining their integrity.


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