30 Best Birthday Poems for Boyfriend


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1. Happy birthday to the guy…
Who’s been giving
Me sweet dreams
Who gives me
A reason to gleam
Who’s responsible
For my smiles
Who makes
Life worthwhile

2. You are so handsome
You are so sweet
You are so cool
You are so neat
You are so dashing
You are so hot
No wonder
I love you a lot
Happy birthday

3. For you, nothing in this world
I would ever trade
You are more precious to me
Than a dazzling Jade
From every troubles of life
You have given me bail
Today I promise that for you
My love will never fail

4. Love has no language
Except soft whispers
Love has no boundaries
It lasts forever
Love has no limit
It can travel far and wide
In sharing such a love with you
I take a lot of pride
Happy birthday

5. I feel sad when you don’t miss me
I feel depressed when you handsome face, I can’t see
It will break my heart if you ever go away
In your arms, I always need to stay
You really help me soar
Coz you know the real meaning of care
You have a heart so true
Without you, I wonder what I would do
Happy birthday

6. No other guy
Not now, not ever
Can be like you
Handsome as well as clever
No other guy
Understands or knows
Life, with all its
Highs and lows
You are this guy
A looker, so fine
I hope that you
Always be mine

7. Sometimes so sweet
Sometimes so savory
But the perfect taste
To describe you, is spicy
Sometimes hot tempered
Sometimes so happy
But out of all your moods
I like you best, naughty
Happy birthday hottie

8. Of no one else but you
I could ever be so sure
My soul yearns for yours
So radiant and pure
Forever in my heart
I want you to stay
Without you, I refuse
To spend a single day
Happy birthday

9. You are my boy
I am your girl
On your birthday
Let the love unfurl
As you blow out the candles
I’ll give you a kiss
So we can both fly away
In passionate bliss
Happy birthday

10. You are tall and handsome
I am pretty and girly
My feelings for you
Sweeter than candy
You are my boyfriend
I am your girlfriend
As a couple
We are love’s perfect blend
Happy birthday

11. Birthdays come and go
But you forever will be
The guy who in my dreams
I adoringly see
Birthdays come and go
But my love for you
Is forever, permanent
Sweet and true
Happy birthday

12. May your birthday bring you
A fun filled and happy year new
May you achieve all the dreams that you see
And forever mine, may you always be
Life is nothing without you
There’s something I want to say
That my life is incomplete
If I don’t see you every day
I love you

13. Happy birthday to the guy
Who gave flight to my dreams
The way you’ve changed my life
Is more profound that what it seems
Days and nights, I feel thankful
For the fact that you are mine and only mine
Our relationships is what brings
In my life, the perfect shine

14. Today is your birthday
It is the best chance to say
I Love You, from the bottom of my heart
I have felt this way from the very start
This is what has been
Giving me sleepless nights
I hope this confession of mine
Takes our relationships to new heights
Happy birthday

15. I am richer by billions
When you are by my side
I daydream about you
With my eyes open wide
May you get
Everything you want, I pray
Have a fabulous year ahead
Starting from your birthday today

16. I couldn’t help but blush
On the day you told me that I was your crush
I couldn’t help but break out in a jiggle
When you asked me out with a giggle
I couldn’t help but smile
When you held my hand for a while
All I want to say to you on your birthday
Is that I blush when I think of you, even today
Happy birthday

17. Just because we
Fight a lot
Does not mean I
Find you any less hot
You are the one
For whom my heart beats
You are my life’s
Sweetest treat…

18. Since the day we met
I knew that my love life was set
Since the day you gave me a hug
My life has become as warm as a comfy coffee mug
Since the day we shared our first kiss
I have been in a world of bliss
As sweet as strawberry and cream
You are the guy of my dreams

19. Everyone is jealous of us
We make an awesome couple
Life with you seems perfect
Forever, I want to be in this bubble
Today I want to preach
Just one simply philosophy
That a handsome guy like you
Deserves a pretty girl like me
Happy birthday

20. I hope your birthday
Is as fun as you
I hope you get gifts
Nice and new
I hope this year turns out
To be the best of all
Here’s a happy birthday wish
From your baby doll

21. The toppings on
Your birthday cake
Signify how sweet
My life you make
The candles that
You’ll blow away
Symbolize how bright
You make each day
Happy birthday

22. Everything seems so perfect and nice
Since we started dating, I haven’t seen a low
My life right now seems like a bright sunny sky
Highlighted with lovely hues and a beautiful rainbow
The love is beautiful, the romance is tingling
The passion is sizzling, the reason is YOU
This is all I wanted to say on your birthday
I hope that you feel the same way too
Happy birthday

23. Everything about this day
Is so sweet and rosy
It’s the perfect moment
To cuddle and get cozy
Your birthday calls for
A party unlike any other
That’s what a guy deserves
Who’s in my heart forever
Happy birthday

24. We have been dating for a few months now
I feel like the happiest girl in the world
Thinking about you
Makes me blush, twist and twirl
On your birthday, I’ll shout it out aloud
When the whole world can hear and see
This is only one way in which I can show you
How much you mean to me
Happy birthday

25. May we always
Be together
May we never have reasons
To leave each other
May nothing in the world
Ever drive us apart
Is what I’ll always wish
From the bottom of my heart
Happy birthday

26. There is no greater satisfaction
Than basking in our attraction
There is no greater happiness
Than to look at you and experience breathlessness
There is no greater pleasure
Than to cherish our love’s treasure
There is no greater joy
Than to call you my boy
Happy birthday

27. I hope your birthday cake
Is as sweet as you
I hope that your birthday party
Is as cool as you
I hope that all your friends
Show you a good time
But when all the dust settles
You are all mine
Happy birthday

28. For every candle
That you blow today
I am going to make
A wish and pray
May you always
Remain so sweet
May your love for me
Never deplete
May we always
Be together and near
Wishing you a very
Happy birthday, dear

29. Courageous, loving
Responsible and humble
With you by my side
There is no excuse to grumble
All these qualities
Don’t always go hand in hand
But lucky for me
They do in my man
Happy birthday

30. Boyfriends like you
Are very rare
I get goosebumps every time
I think of you, I swear
As a lover and a friend
You show me the way
My handsome man,
Wish you a happy birthday


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